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As the most established ISHCMC represents a culturally diverse group of families and teachers from over 60 countries. The community is united in the common purpose to build a Culture of Achievement that is Energized, Engaged and Empowered. As a leader in the field of international education with a renowned reputation, ISHCMC is proud to deliver three International Baccalaureate Programmes in its own unique manner. Students construct an understanding and knowledge of their world through carefully developed learning experiences and inquiries that develop a deep understanding of important concepts in global contexts.
ISHCMC Grade 1 Workshop
 Progressive in its view of education, ISHCMC is preparing students for their futures. Its educational approach is set within modern learning environments designed to develop both learning and social skills that have been identified as being important for the future. ISHCMC has built two outstanding campuses that encourage collaborative learning opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities that encourage the development of the whole child whilst encouraging students to explore their passions and find their identity.
ISHCMC class project
ISHCMC is renowned for its approach to the social and emotional wellbeing of its students. Its welcoming and supportive community has developed and embedded a deep-rooted Culture of Care within the school. ISHCMC provides a very safe learning environment in which students flourish whilst being supported by experienced, qualified, caring teachers, and a team of dedicated counsellors and student support services. At ISHCMC we develop a love of learning in students that prepares them for the complex and unpredictable world beyond school.
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