Are you in-tune with your Leadership?

Do you want to support your team members who feel overwhelmed and stressed? To prevent bad decisions that can cost you and your organisation time and money? Our next webinar on Tuesday, 4 August, will help you use creativity and music - plus the world of coaching and psychology - to unlock potential and build resilience.

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Find out about Paul Williamson's ‘Resilience for Changing Times’ online workshopsRelocate Global and Paul Williamson, executive coach and L&D practitioner, invite you to join us this Tuesday (4 August) to take time for yourself and re-connect with how you make an impact in your teams in a peaceful music-based webinarWith many of us struggling to make sense of the last few months, the Knowing the Score interactive webinar is the ideal opportunity to take a moment and give yourself the space to think about new plans to take us into the next months.“The benefits of webinar is the permission you grant yourself to stop, slow down and reflect,” says Paul Williamson. “Life pretty busy and it can feel relentless. Often, it’s like a checklist and getting through stuff, the day, the week. That’s a sure sign of the need to take time for yourself. If you’re in that position, that’s a great opportunity to take the opportunity to introduce some calm into your life and relax.”This new interactive webinar, the latest in Relocate Global’s growing library of practical resources for the global mobility community, will demonstrate how music can be a means to understand each other better, help manage mood and build resilience, and heighten self-awareness.

Reading between the lines – your personal impact

Paul will talk through the science that underpins this and how we can all use music as a means to understand how we show up and impact we make on teams. Join us to take away some ideas and practical actions for work and life.“The pandemic impacted every single one of us profoundly. It is a time of great uncertainty and predictability,” Paul explains. “The usual plans don’t work. We have to think much more in the moment and work with whatever is around us.“Stress and feelings of being overwhelmed affects brain function means you lose 10-15 IQ points,” continues Paul. “If these current times are more stressful and overwhelming, then people will be making more mistakes. Knowing how to keep the people around you calm and helping them to avoid stress and modelling that as a leader is really important.”

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Making sense of the Covid-19 pandemic

Using music as a means to connect with creativity, support authentic leadership and personal and organisational development is not new. Yet it speaks directly to the need for interdisciplinary thinking in these times of disruption.“The present time feels messy. We need to work around, through and beyond the circumstances we find ourselves in,” says Paul. “Some of it is becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable and emerging thoughts. If we are having to work in the moment, that can feel messy. Children cope with mess easily and enjoy it. They use their imagination and are in tune with their creativity and don’t mind making mistakes.“I wonder if we could connect with our inherent creativity and what would happen? I passionately believe everyone is creative. To solve a problem, you have to use your imagination to picture different outcomes. We’ve had these skills from childhood and we need to reconnect with that sense of play. I’m really interested in bringing that out in adults, especially in a work context.”Joining him and attendees on the journey and to talk through the unique musical score are Emily Smith – General Manager of the Majestic and Empire theatres in San Antonio in the US, Kristina Lindenlaub – Head of Booking for BB Promotion in Germany, and Claire Singers – Executive Coach & Diversity Consultant in the UK.

Who should attend

  • Team leaders and managers across industry sectors
  • HR and global mobility professionals
  • Learning and development specialists
  • School leaders and education specialists
  • International assignees and their families
  • Coaches and mentors

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