Joint winner: Technological Innovation 2017 – PwC

Joint winner of this year’s Relocate Award for Technological Innovation, PwC’s myMobility app was applauded by the judges for delivering “all-encompassing technology for the first time on an app”.

Relocate Global Awards 2017 10th Anniversary Technological Innovation category pwc winner
PwC was joint winner of this award for its myMobility mobile app, which, global mobility technology director Benjamin Bahrenburg explains, is the first step in a strategy to make all its digital interactions available on mobile devices.The awards judges felt that PwC’s entry “delivered all-encompassing technology for the first time on an app”, adding that the company was “setting the innovation bar high for global mobility”, with further developments in the pipeline.The app is already proving a huge success with PwC’s 3,600 client organisations, with double-digit growth in usage every week since its launch.Said the judges, “This practical app provides a wealth of functionalities and benefits to a mobile employee, and is easily accessible via web, mobile, and Apple Watch applications. It looks to assist employees with managing their tax, social security and immigration information in one secure and convenient place, and, by simplifying the processes of storing and sharing information, improves the employee experience.”The app’s appeal for employees on the move is obvious. Having all your mobility services in one place, with real-time access to tax, social security and immigration services, and being able to track the progress of your tax return or visa, will take the stress out of many situations.Benjamin Bahrenburg points out that finding the right contact is often difficult when you are on the move, as you have to hunt through so many emails.The judges, practitioners themselves, recognised the problem, saying “This user-friendly app has a professional, clean layout that allows individuals to securely scan and upload required information, save and access important documents, read notifications, complete online digital tax briefings and reach out to their PwC contact at any time.”

The start of an ecosystem

As Benjamin Bahrenburg says, so much of the mobility process is based on documents. This new app makes life easy even when you are waiting at an airport or heading off to international meetings.He cites an example of how downloading documents onto a mobile saved the day for an assignee going from the US to Canada for a meeting. The assignee’s visa documents were not yet ready, but he was able to use the app to complete the documentation in real time, and got to his meeting without a hitch.Handy features like digital briefings and a playlist of videos to watch to ensure that assignees are fully compliant take the pressure off and allow them to watch at a time that is convenient to them.“Wearables are very hot just now”, explains Benjamin Bahrenburg. There is no doubt the Apple Watch application will be very appealing to some assignees. The decision to go down this route is an example of how PwC “wants to reach out to the individual”, he emphasises.In their summing-up, the judges said, “In what can be time-consuming and complex processes, this intuitive app is a great example of how enhanced communication, automation and process improvement can lead to time savings and improved experience for all areas, but primarily the individual, by increasing accessibility to information flow.”Does Benjamin Bahrenburg see potential to widen out the proposition in the future? PwC will work with partners to develop an ecosystem, he says.Who knows where this will lead? There are exciting developments ahead, which will no doubt set the trend across mobility.

Following this year's innovation-themed gala dinner, the Relocate team is already hard at work to ensure we build on the success of the Relocate Awards 2017 and make next year’s even bigger and better.

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