As UN climate change talks take place in Poland youth from around the world show leadership

As key climate change talks take place in Poland we hear from Lukas, a student at ISL Surrey, who has been doing his part to protect wildlife and the climate.

Lukas standing with Pangolin

ISL Surrey

This week the UN’s climate change conference COP24 takes place in Katowice, Poland.The conference is the most significant since 2015 in Paris, out of which came the Paris Climate Change Agreement, a pledge by all countries to limit the rise in global temperatures to an average rise of 1.5 to 2 degrees celsius above historical levels.However the optimism of 2015 has since hit into political realities, as under President Trump the US has pledged to withdraw from the agreement, and almost every country globally is failing to meet their commitments to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

Sir David Attenborough states the danger to civilisation and wildlife

Sir David Attenborough was present at the UN conference, where he acts as a representative for the general public.In a powerful speech Sir David warned that, “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Young leadership

Around the world young people are standing up to demand action on climate change.Greta Thunberg a schoolgirl from Sweden made headlines by leading a school strike to draw attention to climate change and since then in Katowice she met the EU's Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action.In Queensland, in the midst of unseasonal forest fires, Australian students followed suit by having a school strike to protest against new coal mines in the region.

How good education is inspiring the leaders of tomorrow 

At ISL Surrey Lukas and his year 3 class have been learning about the rainforest and one of the Home Learning Projects was to research an animal that lives there.Lukas was curious to find out more about the pangolin.As he researched, he became interested in saving pangolins and decided to take action.In November 2016 Lukas planned a bake sale for a special project to 'Save the Pangolins'.
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Interview with Lukas

How did you learn about pangolins?In the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) we are studying for a unit called 'Save the World - Rainforest'.For my Home Learning project I had to choose an animal I could research.My animal can be found in the rainforest and what I found out during my research is that the pangolin is endangered, and about to become extinct!Why do you want to raise money for the pangolins?Because they are endangered and nearly extinct.The organisation which helps the pangolins are in need of money to achieve that.With just £32, I can adopt a pangolin and contribute to the cause.Who made the cakes for the Bake Sale?Me, and my mummy.What are you asking the children at school to do?To come and visit my Bake Sale and buy a delicious piece of cake so that we can help save the pangolins.Lukas, we want to commend you for your passion! He raised a total of £114 for the following organisation:
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