Secret of a successful international assignment: transition care done well

Transition care done well is the secret of successful international assignment.<br />Discover what the best schools are doing to ensure children and their parents settle well and thrive in the new community.

Understand the importance of finding the right school to settle a family successfully in a new location.

Coming soon - new transition care webinars!

Four great webinars and presentations that will tell the story of transition care done well for schools, children, staff, parents and international employees. Learn about the experiences of Third Culture Kids and how Third Culture Adults could be your greatest assets.Smile and enjoy some great storytelling from comedian and author, Chris O’Shaughnessy as he spreads an inspiring message of hope that will keep your expatriates happy and help your business to flourish.

Why transition care matters in schools

Valérie Besanceney, Author, International Education and Transition ConsultantJane Barron, Intercultural Transition SpecialistClaudine Hakim, Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support, International School of LondonRyan Haynes, Director of Upper School Academic and Personal CounselingTaipei American School (TAS)Why transition care matters in schools webinarRuth Holmes – Taking care of transitions during relocation

Transition-care in International Schools: Research findings

Ellen Mahoney, M.Ed, Sea Change MentoringJane Barron, M.Ed, Globally GroundedTransition-care in International Schools: Research Findings webinarMarianne Curphey – What is being done to address cross cultural transition care in international schools?

Crossroads: ISL Transitions Programme

Host: Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate magazine & Relocate GlobalPanellists:Claudine Hakim, Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support, International School of LondonSusan Stewart, Head of MultilingualismEvengelos Raptis, Family CounsellorJuliette Bolon, Admissions and Parent Liaison Officer, International School of LondonCrossroads: ISL Transitions Programme

Closing Keynote

Harnessing hope to navigate global uncertainty: Chris O’Shaughnessy

Chris O’Shaughnessy, comedian, author, Third Culture Kid and cross-cultural expert

Meet the speakers

Find out more about all of the speakers and panelists who participated in the autumn 2020 Great International Education & Schools Fair.

Find the perfect school from the comfort of your home

Now is the ideal time to discover the right school for your child. As schools hosted Open Days and Virtual Events throughout the autumn, we used the opportunity throughout November to showcase the schools around the world that welcome relocating families and international students, not only at the beginning of a new academic year, but also at any time, with rolling admissions to meet the needs of families on the move.

The next Great International Education & Schools' Fair is coming in spring 2021

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