The emergence of EdTech in the UAE

How are forward-thinking schools in the UAE embracing education technology (Edtech) and how is this enhancing student learning? Amol Vaidya of Global Indian International School in the UAE explains.

The emergence of EdTech in the UAE

GIIS students learning robotics

The UAE is emerging as one of the fastest growing hubs for high-performance schools in the world. It is not just the ease of business, tourism, and shopping that make the country attractive to the rest of the world. The quality of education in UAE schools has evolved and is only getting better. A survey conducted by US News and World Report last year concluded that the UAE is the second-best country across the world to start a career.
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Advancements in the education sector have grown in recent times. International schools and universities in the region, especially in Dubai, are attracting thousands of students every year. This influx, in part, is because of their emphasis on digitally-enabled education that focusses on a student’s journey as a whole.The emergence of EdTech in the UAE is paving the way for smarter, broader and more accessible learning that students benefit from significantly. From keeping students up-to-date with the latest technology to improving their employability, There is no doubt that EdTech is helping children to learn.

Edtech: supporting immersive learning 

UAE schools are increasingly choosing an immersive learning approach to deliver their curriculum. Immersive learning with VR, innovative digital content, STEM, robotics and Artificial Intelligence has quickly made its way into the classrooms and has become an essential element. These technologies offer students an ideal platform for creation and innovation. Most importantly, they go beyond the standard & traditional learning styles.EdTech today has become vital in helping children to unlock information. The use of tech in classrooms helps children to connect more effectively with the real world. Schools are increasingly aware of their responsibility to provide numerous learning opportunities for students but also to ensure that students are using the technology around them responsibly.

Helping to improve teaching methodology

EdTech has also improved teaching. Digital simulations and teacher training through Virtual Conferences help update teachers with the latest teaching techniques and teachers in the UAE are embracing it.With the digital transformation in classrooms, schools in the UAE are continually aiming to nurture innovation and entrepreneurial talent among students from a young age. In addition, the UAE government values education and is providing the right infrastructure and support for educational institutions to thrive.At GIIS it is our mission to create global citizens of tomorrow. These efforts are visible in some of our tech-driven initiatives such as the Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE) and the Qutuhal ('Curiosity') programme. These are aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among children from a young age.Technology allows economies to progress. The present is a unique chance for Middle East economies to make a quantum leap. And of course, this process starts with Education.
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