Think India Webinar: inbound and speakers

Join us from around the world for the first in an exciting series of webinars unlocking the potential of growing your organisation in India and supporting your employees to thrive.

Relocate Global Think India Webinar 2019 Weichert

Think India Webinar
Insights, mobility challenges and solutions

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Tuesday, 12 November, 2pm GMT

In this webinar, you will find out from our experts – in conversation with Fiona Murchie, managing editor – about India’s well-established industrial base, existing international markets, the dynamics of a young population, fast-paced urbanisation, and government incentives, which are attracting multinationals of all sizes to set up or expand. 
Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate Global

Laura Levenson, Director, Weichert Workforce Mobility
Rohit Kumar, Jt Managing Director, Ikan Relocations, India
Holly Creed, Global Mobility Manager, DXC Technology 
Fiona Murchie
Holly Creed
Laura Levenson
Rohit Kumar

Don’t miss out on potential opportunities for your organisation and how to address some of the challenges.Discover how to successfully manage and support global teams inbound to the country, the growing numbers of domestic transfers and the importance of repatriation to ensure employees flourish in the new location.
Hear insights from Weichert Workforce Mobility’s director, Laura Levenson, about the company’s research report Propelling India Mobility and pose questions to fellow panellists Rohit Kumar, joint managing director of IKAN Relocations based in India and Holly Creed, global mobility manager of DXC Technology, who has also lived and worked in the country.Agenda
  • Why multinationals are expanding in India
  • Insights and challenges
  • India research: Propelling India Mobility
  • How to support inbound assignees & business travellers
  • Internal movement, domestic transfers, repatriation
  • Future India and changes across mobility
  • Managing Outbound Indian Workforce – in brief
Not available on 12 November? Register now to listen to the playback.There will be plenty of resources provided, including a download of the Weichert reportPropelling India Mobility.See highlights of the India Panel held at Relocate Global’s Festival of Global People held in May 2019.Please email with your suggestions of topics to cover in the next Think India Webinar.If you can any problems registering or logging in to WebinarJam on 12 November please contact David Ward on +44 (0)1892 891334 or email

Panelist Biographies

Think India Webinar Panel
Insights, mobility challenges and solutionsLaura Levenson, Director, Weichert Workforce MobilityLaura Levenson is a Global Practice Leader with Weichert. She leverages over twenty years of global workforce mobility experience to bring clarity to clients’ most pressing talent deployment challenges and help them build stronger, more cost-effective programmes.Laura has spent her entire professional career in global talent development, workforce mobility and assignment management consulting with special focus on change management, cross-cultural training, leading diverse teams, and program implementation. She has experienced expat life in the UK and China.Rohit Kumar, Jt Managing Director, Ikan Relocations, IndiaRohit is based at Ikan’s New Delhi office and is at the forefront of the mobility and relocation industry in India, having been involved in the business for over20 years. Prior to starting the IKAN business, he had gained experience working in diverse industries ranging from FMCG, automotive and the service sector. Rohit holds a Masters degree in Management from SIBM Pune and is a certified cross-cultural trainer.In his own words, he has started the relocation business three times over the past twenty years and sold it once.Holly Creed, Global Mobility Manager, DXC TechnologyHolly is a global mobility professional with a proven track record of centralising and structuring worldwide global mobility teams through implementing innovative, streamlined and dynamic operating models, processes, policies and technology. She is able to build worldwide internal and external relationships to enhance a global mobility team’s reputation.She also presents and writes as a global mobility subject matter expert internationally, alongside co-founding her own global mobility forum, Next Gen GM.