Humane Capital - How to Create a Management Shift to Transform Performance and Profit

The Humane Capital book cover with photo of author Professor Vlatka Hlupic
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Despite decades of research and evidence, there is still extreme scepticism that businesses can combine a more humane style of management with superior shareholder returns, or that busy managers can be guided effectively by both their heads and their hearts. Vlatka Hlupic has spent 20 years investigating this paradox, developing an insightful critique of why such strong evidence has had limited impact and providing an alternative, practical approach that any employer can implement in order to overcome the unique challenges faced by their organizations.A clear correlation exists between companies that do well and companies that are good – that is to say, organizations that promote goodwill internally and externally, working proactively with stakeholders, employees, society and customers to achieve those goals. While a 'bad' company can do well, its success is unlikely to be sustainable; Humane Capital explores the steps that businesses need to take in order to become a ‘good’ organization that can achieve long-term results.Supported by insights from interviews with 58 leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, Humane Capital argues for a radical reassessment of current business models. Using stories of managers from both the private and public sectors who have been effective in making the transition, Hlupic shows how successful leaders have moved their organizations from controlled and orderly to enthusiastic and collaborative – and shows how current leaders and managers can do the same. 
  • Research published in “The Management Shift” and “Humane Capital” books underpins all programmes and tools offered by Management Shift Solutions Limited, helping leaders and organisations globally to go through individual and organisational transformation and shift to a higher level of performance, fulfilment and success.
  • Models and tools described in “The Management Shift” are used for individual and organisational diagnostics and transformational purposes, whilst strategies uncovered through research described in Humane Capital” book are used for Action Planning process for organisational transformation and for “Strategy Session for Growth” with CEOs programme.
'Humane Capital - How to Create a Management Shift to Transform Performance and Profit' (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018) was chosen as one of the top 5 business books in 2018 by HR Magazine and the Foreword was written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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Explore the steps that businesses need to take in order to become a ‘good’ organisation, doing well. It is based on research presented in the 'Humane Capital' book and through gamification, the Humane Capital vision and methodology can be shared and cascaded easily and effectively to a diverse audience.
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