The Management Shift - How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success

The Management Shift book with photo of Professor Vlatka Hlupic
Research shows that corporate life expectancy and performance have declined 75% in the last 50 years - organizations need a different approach if they are to survive, let alone thrive. While people are often stated as a company’s greatest asset, few businesses have a clear model of leadership that improves engagement, removes barriers to innovation, and uncovers hidden strengths in people and the organization.This book addresses that need and, more importantly, demonstrates how organizations can make The Management Shift to a new way of thinking and working.Professor Hlupic argues that organizations now need to adopt a leadership style that focuses on people, purpose and knowledge sharing, creating new types of value and ultimately improving innovation and engagement - leading to improved business. Based on leading-edge research supported by numerous case studies, which demonstrate the power and impact of change, The Management Shift offers managers a practical and systemic approach to diagnose leadership issues in their organization. It then provides an implementation process to shift their mindset and organizational culture to the new level of thinking, performance, and ultimately business success.
  • Research published in “The Management Shift” and “Humane Capital” books underpins all programmes and tools offered by Management Shift Solutions Limited, helping leaders and organisations globally to go through individual and organisational transformation and shift to a higher level of performance, fulfilment and success.
  • Models and tools described in “The Management Shift” are used for individual and organisational diagnostics and transformational purposes, whilst strategies uncovered through research described in Humane Capital” book are used for Action Planning process for organisational transformation and for “Strategy Session for Growth” with CEOs programme.

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