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The next issue of the leading international magazine for HR, global managers and relocation professionals will explore the big themes and see what 2020 has in store for mobility.

Relocate magazine Autumn issue coming soon
With the UK ushering in a new Prime Minister, a different approach to Brexit and the US gearing up for Presidential Elections, the backdrop for global mobility is more change.Find out what is happening in the US, Canada, Europe and India in the packed Autumn issue of Relocate magazine.It is the start of the conference season so there is plenty to explore, as industry sectors and HR and global mobility professionals respond to challenges and opportunities. We look ahead to the CERC, Worldwide ERC and CIPD conferences to help you prepare for 2020 and beyond, as you plan for the next few years and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Coverage includes:

What are the chances of a US-UK trade deal?

With the Brexit deadline of October 31 looming and no deal agreed with the EU as yet, the UK government is looking to its partnership with America to strengthen transatlantic trade. David Sapsted considers the positive and negative ramifications on the UK's economy of a US-UK trade deal.

UK/Canada: A fair trade?

Much has been said about the UK reaching a 'Canada-style agreement' with the European Union, the United States and other countries following Brexit, but what would this mean for our trade, labour market and service industries – and is it a viable option? 

Special preview article: US public school vs. private school education for the expat child: a tipping point for a successful assignment

Choosing the right school for employees relocating to the US with children can be a challenging process. Gail Rabasca, executive vice president of global solutions at Chamness WorldWide Education Consulting, explains the US education system and offers some useful pointers to help relocating parents make the right choice for their child.

UK & International Education and School developments under the spotlight

As schools celebrate exam success and the new academic year begins we reflect on curriculums and how best to support relocating families in the year ahead. We examine UK and International developments and trends across international education and what has emerged from recent conferences that will help support relocating families to select the best school for their child.Our series of articles includes country highlights from schools, relocation professionals and education experts.Discover what’s new:

Serviced apartments respond to change in global mobility

The serviced apartment sector is poised to take advantage of the global mobility market as employers respond to changing markets including Brexit and European opportunities plus worldwide geo political developments. Changing relocation policies and emphasis on employee engagement are stacked in their favour.

Getting tough on workplace gender equality: from small nudges to big pushes?

Despite some challenges and opposition, the UK government is pressing ahead with its legislation-led agenda around inclusion. Following gender pay gap reporting, the scope of rights around flexible work and parental leave could increase with the announcement of a new review. Ethnicity pay gap reporting could also be on the horizon.

Flying the flag for LGBTQ+ expatriates

Global mobility, perhaps more than most other HR domains, is at the forefront of pioneering ways to best manage assignments for people who identify as LGBTQ+. A new whitepaper from Weichert examines the trends, and discussed in a panel session at September’s Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) annual conference in Niagara Falls. Ruth Holmes reports.Plus, download our free Questioning LGBTQ & Diversity Factsheet

Learning from employee experience: repatriation

An innovative workshop hosted by Weichert Workforce Mobility at the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) annual conference this September leverages design thinking to improve the repatriation experience – the final, and often the most overlooked stage, of international assignment planning. Ruth Holmes reports.

Leveraging employee networks for global mobility success

Networking is known to provide significant career benefits to individuals, but organisations can also benefit from employee networks through their contribution to talent management and development, highlights Dr Sue Shortland.

Flexible and remote working in global mobility

Expatriates have historically worked long hours and have generally been considered to have poor work-life balance. But attitudes towards expatriate working times are changing and more flexibility is being applied in practice, explains Dr Sue Shortland. 

The changing face of international schools: five key trends for the next decade

Where economic growth and globally mobile employees go, so too do international schools. Ruth Holmes provides a rundown of the latest trends predicted for the next decade in international education – essential reading if an assignment is to be a success and a good move for every family member.

Global mobility in the age of AI

The Relocate Awards are always a fantastic indicator of global mobility’s sweet spots. True to form, mirroring the wider current preoccupation with the role of intelligent technology in our daily lives, the tech categories attracted among the most entries in 2019. Ruth Holmes looks to global mobility’s own recent Festival and Awards season to find out the latest thinking on the evolving role of tech – and global mobility’s role. 

20 years in the making – the rise of the business coach

Gina Lodge, CEO of the Academy of Executive Coaching, looks at how coaching has changed over the past 20 years and explains why it is so important to help nurture your employees' potential, create an innovative company culture and, ultimately, grow your business.

Providing an excellent relocation experience

There is no magic formula to ensure the success of an international assignment but FOCUS Information Services knows how to contribute to a positive experience for both employee and partner, explains Eva Stock. FOCUS offers much needed support for expatriates at a time when Global Mobility professionals are coping with the growing complexities of relocation.

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