Diversity in a global mobility environment

Co-Founder of MOVE Guides, Steve Black, spoke to Relocate Global about diversity in global mobility at Relocate Global's International Networking Reception.

Steve Black, co-founder of MOVE Guides spoke to Relocate Global about the increasing level of Diversity in global mobility, at the annual Relocate International Networking Reception, held at the Institute of Directors in February 2018. Click on the image above to watch a video of the full interview.

Diversity in the globally mobile population 

“In terms of characterising the mobile population today, as opposed to years past, it’s certainly changing from a demographics perspective – whether that’s age or gender. “We’ve seen organisations having a big push to have more women into assignments – and obviously various family and demographic reasons have prevented it in the past. “What we are seeing is that organisations understand the value from a career-development perspective. “We are seeing that mobility will start to reflect more and more of the population as a whole.“As millennials continue to grow up through the workforce and become a larger portion of the population, I think that demographic reflects what we see in our day-to-day lives.” 
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