Is there a role for HR in the new digital world?

Can HR play a valuable role in the digital era? Steve Black, Co-Founder of MOVE Guides gives Relocate Global his view on using data to push a strategic agenda.

At the annual Relocate International Networking Reception, held at the Institute of Directors in February 2018, we spoke to Steve Black, co-founder of MOVEGuides about whether there is a role for HR in the modern digital world. Read a transcript of the interview below, or click on the image above to watch a video of the full interview.

HR in the new digital world

“In terms of the role for HR, there is absolutely a role for HR in the new digital world. “For me it really – and even since the early days of MOVE Guides – has been about how we help organisations use the data that is floating around but isn’t right in front of them to make better decisions – and to put them back at the table with the rest of the organisation to drive strategy. “As I look forward to 10 years down the road – not only for HR but also for mobility specifically – it is about using data and information to push the strategic agenda and be part of the conversation in the planning stages, rather than waiting for the plan and then figuring out how we are going to use mobility to execute against that. “I think it’s a pretty exciting and bright future for mobility teams.”
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