Co-founder of MOVE Guides discusses Polaris acquisition

The co-founder of the relocation management company, MOVE Guides talks about what the acquisition of Polaris Global means for the company and why it came about.

Steve Black, co-founder of MOVE Guides, speaks about his company’s acquisition of Polaris Global at the International Networking reception, explaining his thoughts behind acquiring Polaris.

Why MOVE Guides acquired Polaris

“In terms of the acquisition and the announcement of MOVE Guides acquiring Polaris, from our perspective we are incredibly excited about seeing the joining of two wonderful organisations.“What we saw in the marketplace, and what led us towards the acquisition was seeing organisations struggle with effectively and efficiently delivering complex mobility programmes. “These pushed us to ask about unifying and bringing technology and data into one place in order to deliver that great experience for relocating employees.“The combination of MOVE Guides and Polaris really brings together the first end-to-end global mobility management suite.”
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