The current political climate and the mobility industry

MOVE Guides, co-founder Steve Black, spoke to Relocate Global about how political events such as Brexit can offer interesting opportunities for mobility teams.

Many industries are being affected by the current changes taking place in the political world, and the mobility industry is no exception. Steve Black, co-founder of MOVE Guides spoke to Relocate Global about how mobility teams should react.

Brexit and the global political climate

“So as I think about the volatile political climate, the changes to immigration requirements, Brexit and other events around the world, we need to consider this as a time to step forward in terms of bringing the technology and information to organisations to help them through those challenges.“So when I think about Brexit for some organisations it will be a scary challenge and concern, for others where they are armed with data and information to help them make decisions, I think it is a pretty interesting opportunity for mobility teams to step to the table with proactive recommendations, scenarios and analysis. I think it has been a long time since they have had the opportunity to do so.“Having a single technology platform that is underpinning your programme really does a lot to help mobility step out of some of that day-to-day and into the world of driving the conversation.” 
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