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Sarah Rozenthuler: How tho find and follow your purposeWhen the copy of ‘Powered by Purpose: Energise your people to do great work’ by Sarah Rozenthuler arrived it immediately caught our interest.A relatively slim volume, it is packed with practical guidance and inspiration and is a worthy winner.It outlines the four core capacities that leaders need to develop their own journey to deliver purpose by: cultivating leadership presence; making dialogue authentic; engaging stakeholders and connecting on purpose; and making sure you have a compelling “why”.This can lead to meaningful work and will engage people and inspire teams. As Dr Sue Shortland, Head Judge said, “This is an interesting new field and contributes to our knowledge and understand of leadership.”Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist and author with over 15 years’ international experience consulting to many different organisations – private, public and not-for-profit – including Associated British Foods, BP, Choice Support, Discovery and Standard Chartered Bank. She is the CEO of Bridgework, the niche consulting company she founded in 2007. The book is based on recent research, practitioner experience and her close observation of corporate leaders over 20 years.

Clear, accessible and extensively researched

Extensive references with every chapter ensure the reader can access the material to build on their knowledge. It is well supported by relevant literature, demonstrating a strong research base and excellent practice in academic writing. It is also very readable, designed to be dipped into as well as being a transformational read for those refining their own purpose and that of their organisation.It will certainly resonate with leaders in the international marketplace dealing with the daily complexities of doing business in multiple markets and across borders while navigating different cultures and working practices. The book makes very clear the impact of purpose and the outcomes for business.Sarah Rozenthuler’s thought leadership contribution is demonstrated in the Relocate webinar with her as part of our leadership series celebrating International Women’s Day in 2021. Here she explains how companies can increase their performance by 42% if they take a purposeful approach.The book is an incredible resource, guide and framework for any professional working their way through the fall-out from the pandemic. Everything managers and leaders have learnt over the last 12 months can be channelled into energising their people to do the great work that will make a difference to recovering organisations and economies.

Author's vision

As Sarah Rozenthuler explained, the global pandemic has brought purpose into sharp relief. Many individuals, teams and businesses are wrestling with the question: How is the world a better place through us being here?With the public becoming less tolerant of companies profiteering from the Covid crisis, or abusing market power for short-term gain, this radical and transformative book shows how to make purpose come alive.With so many people now working from home, purpose also plays a powerful role in avoiding the downsides of remote working: lack of engagement, poor work-life balance and mental health issues. Recent research has shown remote workers are three times more sensitive to the positive impact of purpose than their office-based peers. By making work meaningful – whether to feed the nation, provide hospitals with ventilators or research a vaccine – a true purpose contributes to societal wellbeing.www.bridgeworkconsulting.comSarah-Rozenthuler-leaderboard

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