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What to look for in an International School – presented by a truly International SchoolThe term ‘International School’ is widely used across the world. Over time, the definition of an international school has evolved and has been adapted to many different contexts. This follows the changes in demographics of an expatriate family, the rapidly changing landscape of a globalized society and the needs that international schools must now meet. We join a conversation with members from the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) community to understand their belief as to what a truly international school means. ISHCMC itself is the most established International Baccalaureate World School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam having first opened in 1993. Its core purpose has and continues to be providing education to expatriate children from around the globe. With 60+ nationalities represented in its community, ISHCMC is more than a school to its families.  The panelists of this discussion share their experiences within the international school environment far beyond Vietnam and share advice on what parents should consider when looking to enroll their child in an international school. With its culture of achievement and care as the driving force of ISHCMC’s vision and mission, we hear from an educator, a parent and a student of their experiences in a truly international school. Be prepared to become energized, engaged and empowered.

Live events and webinar playbacks

Join Kim Green, Head of School, Kim Blackett, President of the parent teacher organisation & Emmy Koch, President of the Student Executive Team in the webinar 'What to look for in a truly International School'.



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