Montgomery International School in Brussels

The Montgomery International School Brussels (L'Ecole Internationale Montgomery, EIM) is a fully accredited IB school (PYP - MYP - DP) right in the center of Brussels, a short walk from the European Commission, NATO and various business centers.

Ecole Internationale Montgomery campus and playing field

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The Montgomery International School Brussels welcomes children aged 5 to 18 and offers either a Bilingual (French/English) or fully Anglophone programme in the primary and secondary section.

Why choose EIM?

  • A welcoming, friendly family atmosphere, in which every child is able to fit in.
  • EIM offers both a Primary and Secondary section with an IB education in an accessible, student-centred environment.
  • EIM offers an English language or a Bilingual English/French programme.
  • A dedicated, international, experienced staff, an inquiry-based pedagogy with an average of 12 students per class. 
  • A modern, equipped science lab and access to sports centres nearby, as well as a membership to university libraries for individual research and studies.
  • A bilingual, complete and fully renovated Library.
  • Regular activities and school trips throughout the year, in Belgium and abroad.
  • A lively theatre-performance culture with shows every year in historic Brussels theatres.
  • EIM is located in the heart of Brussels, close to the European Institutions and NATO, easy to reach by metro, tram or bus.

2022 IB Results

  • 100% pass rate
  • Average: 37 points
  • Lowest Score: 30 points
  • Top score: 45 points
  • 30% of their graduates obtained a score of 40 points or higher
  • 70% of EIM students graduated with the bilingual diploma
EIM students graduation

The EIM mission

Ecole Internationale Montgomery is a close-knit multicultural community that promotes academic and personal growth of students in a warm setting in the heart of the European capital.Critical thinking, commitment, and initiative are the pillars of our education in the classroom, as well as in our ties with the local and global community.EIM Building front EIM indoor hallwayWe are committed to educating young people to be fully responsible, respectful and involved in life-long learning.At EIM, we offer academic rigour and student personal development, through the structure of the IB system.
EIM students in classroom
In addition to teaching sciences, languages, humanities and respecting multicultural values, we strive to develop all the qualities of the Learner Profile defined by the IB, to become: Inquirers; Knowledgeable; Thinkers; Communicators; Principled.
EIM boy in a library
These are specific intellectual, cognitive and psychological/personal traits identified by the IB organisation and universities as traits that enable students to succeed to the highest levels of learning and academic success, at university and beyond. These aspects are therefore woven into the fabric of EIM’s curriculum to enable greater success for our students.Community and mutual support are important at EIM. Being a modest-sized school, inter-age activities strengthen the bond between students of different age groups and teaches them to be at the service of others.

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