The Bridge School - A Fully Online Education

When: Tuesday 17th Nov (4pm GMT)

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The Bridge School is an international online private school that offers K-12 students a 100% online American education - no matter where they live in the world. Find out from Julie Taylor, Head of The Bridge School and her colleagues Chase Ekelsen of Verano Learning Partners and Nikki Hofman of Strong Mind what makes an online school different.

To be followed by Julie Taylor in a live interview with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor Relocate Magazine and journalist Marianne Curphey.


Julie Taylor of The Bridge School
Julie Taylor, MBA, Head of School

Julie Taylor has spent the past 20 years helping students find success as both a teacher and administrator.  A true pioneer in online education, Julie was a key administrator for one of the largest online K-12 schools in the nation.  Julie and her team successfully led the school through technology breakthroughs, lobbying efforts, and a successful accreditation process, all while online learning was in its infancy.

Julie has served in roles including; teacher, principal, and Head of School.  Additionally, she served as Director for national math remediation and instructional coaching programs.

Read Julie Taylor's article: 5 Hours of Zoom per day is NOT Digital Learning

To find out more about how The Bridge School can help your family or school, contact Julie at .

Chase Eskelsen M.Ed.,Chief of Staff
Chase Eskelsen M.Ed.,Chief of Staff

Chase Eskelsen began his educational career as an administrator of the Texas Virtual Academy (grades K-12) where he oversaw school turnaround resulting in a “Met Standard” rating during his second year in the position. He then helped launch a new school, Texas Online Preparatory Academy (grades K-12). He then transitioned into a National Academic Policy and Public Affairs role with K12 Inc and finished his time with K12 as the National Director of Board and Partner Relations.

He now works for an education non-profit, Verano Learning Partners, as the Chief of Staff. The Verano team has been tasked by their board to launch new and innovative school models and they are currently opening new schools worldwide. Mr. Eskelsen has his Master’s in School Administration and wrote his thesis around the topic of Education Policy for Virtual School Programs.

Verano Learning Partners is a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with schools to provide the digital tools needed for hybrid and online success. To find out more about Verano Learning Partners, visit or email .

Nikki Hofmann, Director of Academics, Operations

Nikki Hofmann began her educational career as a 1st grade charter school teacher in Phoenix. Later on she transitioned to a K-8 online school teacher, teacher mentor, regional operations support, K-8 principal, and Sr. Director of Compliance, Operations all for K12 Inc. During her almost 16 year tenure at K12, Nikki had the privilege and opportunity to support many students, teachers, and school administrators in both the academic and operational realms.

She now works at StrongMind, as the Director of Academics, Operations for Educational School Services (ESS). The ESS StrongMind team has been tasked to build up and launch new, innovative school models across the nation that fit each individual area’s demographics and needs. Nikki thoroughly enjoys supporting all aspects of schools and looks forward to the ever-evolving future of education in both the hybrid and online worlds! Nikki Hoffman can be reached at 


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