How Students Can Get into Top Universities with Online Learning


Hear advice from Alessandro Capozzi (Head of Sixth Form at leading online school King’s InterHigh) and admissions specialist Joseph Davies, as well as experiences from past and present online school students.

Is a traditional route through a brick-and-mortar school really the only way to get into a dream university? What if students could achieve their university goals with a learning path that fits their unique needs, lifestyle, and ambitions?

In reality, that’s all possible with personalised learning designed to revolve around you: the kind of education students enjoy at leading online school King’s InterHigh.

Find out how online learning can help your child achieve their university goals in a free, live webinar for students and parents around the world.

Sign up for Wednesday 9th November to discover more about this route to university, with preparation insights and application tips.

Plus, hear real experiences from four King’s InterHigh students, past and present, who are sharing how online schooling prepared them for success:
* Alumnus Dr. Kieran Bjergstrom, PhD
* Thomas, University of Cambridge science student
* Maria, current online IB Diploma student

Founded in 2005, King’s InterHigh has educated over 10,000 global alumni to bright futures, all through virtual schooling. While online learning may be a non-traditional route, that doesn’t stop King’s InterHigh students from achieving the same successes as their peers at top physical schools.

In fact, numerous King’s InterHigh learners have gone on to some of the world’s best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Most importantly, all the while, these students enjoy the ability to learn in their own way without sacrificing top-quality teaching.

But what is it about online learning that makes it so powerful? How is it able to give students the best of both worlds: academic success and a fitting learning experience?

Behind the screen, a King’s InterHigh education is made up of various components and strengths, all of which come together to support students on their journeys to university, including:
* A choice of online A Levels or the world’s first online IB Diploma
* Live, interactive lessons for the best education
* Recordings of every class for the utmost flexibility
* Immersive and innovative learning technologies to deepen understanding
* A vast wealth of study resources, available at any time
* Differentiated learning to suit every student’s progress
* A global community of classmates to learn from and network with

These virtual learning advantages all complement the foundations of King’s InterHigh — expert teaching, comprehensive wellbeing support, exam and university guidance, and many more of the same features you’d find at a top traditional school.

All in all, online schooling is growing in popularity around the world as a personalised pathway for students to reach their dream universities. To learn more, sign up now to join the webinar live on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 4:30pm UK time. (Can’t join us live? Don’t worry — everyone who registers will get access to a full recording, available to watch at your convenience.)

Visit this link to secure your place now.

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