Education and Family Focus Webinar

Education and Family Focus Webinar
Tuesday, 21 July at 2pm BST

Host: Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate Global Magazine

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on working parents and families around the world. Schools are preparing to open again for the new academic year in some regions and in different parts of the world the reality of virtual and online learning is only just beginning. With the school break upon us, now is the time for parents and employers to plan for the future to ensure children and families thrive.

Many international parents will need to make informed choices about their next move or repatriation and their child’s education will be crucial to the decision making.

We explore how parents can support their children over the school break to catch up in some subject areas or consolidate learning on a one-to-one basis to prepare for future exams and have fun perhaps on a Summer Programme.

With contributions from Relocate Award winning schools, relocation professionals and other experts, there will be plenty of expertise on hand to support families on the move and to inform employers and relocation professionals managing international assignments and domestic moves, in these challenging times.

In this webinar we discuss: 

  • How parents can support their children over the school break to catch up in some subjects, consolidate learning or prepare for future exams
  • The benefit of a bilingual education and an international curriculum to prepare students for a globalised world
  • How to remotely secure school places and manage the admissions process
  • The ways international schools can help the whole family settle successfully in a new location
  • How to find the right property given the very real challenges of Covid-19
  • Making the right school choice with the advice of an education consultant
  • Career options for relocating partners and the best way to maximise opportunities
  • The advantages of a move to Asia

Webinar participants

We are delighted to welcome Françoise Zurbach, Head of EIFA International School in London to share her experience of working in bilingual schools built up over 20 years. She will explain true bilingualism can’t be taught; it must be experienced. You will discover the benefits and opportunities of a bilingual Education and realise the importance of integrating children and settling the parents to ensure children and all the family thrive.

We will also be joined by other contributors including Johanna Mitchell, Director of Lumos Education to explore what support education consultants can offer to parents making school choices, as well as the advantages of tutoring and education programmes.

Gael Panhelleux, Executive Director of FOCUS, the membership community for expats, will explain how their multinational and multicultural team assist expatriates to make the most of their time in London and the UK, and reveal what has been most useful over recent months.

Mary Burke Tobias, Director of Admissions at Marymount London and Sophie Tailor, Relocation Manager at Sterling Lexicon will also join Fiona Murchie in conversation with Gael Panhelleux

Giving the perspective from Malaysia on securing school places and the admissions process, Robert Stitch, Principal, Garden International School, Malaysia, will provide plenty of information to reassure parents and employers planning a relocation move.

Morag Paterson, Executive and Career Coach, has travelled extensively and has many years’ experience of supporting international employees and their partners moving around the world. She will share her views on career options for relocating partners and how to maximise opportunities.

A host of Award winners and relocation experts plus admissions and specialists from international schools will contribute to this lively interactive webinar to share their knowledge and experience with parents, employers and the relocation and global mobility professionals responsible for their move.

Brought to you by: Relocate Global

Sponsored by: EIFA International School

Supported by: FOCUS, Lumos Education

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