Knowing the Score Webinar

Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2020, 2pm BST - this webinar has ended

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When stories are dramatized for film and television, it is commonplace for the action on screen to be accompanied by a musical score. The score works on an almost subliminal level, enhancing elements of the story, and often generating a wide variety of emotional reactions in the audience.

What if your life was accompanied by an orchestral score? What themes would people hear? What instruments would be featured? What emotions would your music evoke in others? Would your musical score at work be different to the one heard at home? What kind of music do leaders make, and what music can be heard in our teams and organisations across the world?

Is it time for us to change our tune? 

Join Paul Williamson, Executive Coach and Learning & Development practitioner and guests in this creative webinar, where you’ll be encouraged to consider these questions and more. Using specially commissioned original music, and established theory from the world of coaching and psychology, you’ll be given an opportunity to;

  • Reflect on your preferences and understand how you can have greater mastery of your personal ‘score’.
  • Understand team dynamics, learning to accept and work more harmoniously with people who display different preferences.
  • Expand your musical palette and consider new ways of communicating and connecting to achieve results. 

Why should people attend?

  • Help you and your team to explore the impact of Covid-19 and move forward
  • Support those feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • Prevent bad decisions that can cost you time and money
  • Reconnect with your own creativity and resourcefulness
  • Become more comfortable with change and emerging plans
  • Enjoy a change of pace and a rich experience with original music composed especially for this webinar 

Everyone has been through a tremendous amount of change and upheaval during the Covid-19 pandemic. With continued uncertainty as we head out of lockdown, the need for organisations across the globe to be agile, and for teams and individuals to be creative and resourceful in their thinking has never been more important. This webinar will give participants the space to creatively explore new ways of thinking and working.

One other really good reason to attend is to learn some interesting ways to reduce stress and build resilience. When you consider that the average human being loses between ten to fifteen IQ points when they’re stressed and overwhelmed, in a business/work context it makes sense for employers, leaders and their people, to attend to this properly as the repercussions of not doing so can be serious.

We’ll bring this all to life using music, and provide practical techniques people can use.

Who should attend?

  • Team leaders and managers across industry sectors
  • HR and global mobility professionals
  • Learning and development specialists
  • School leaders and education specialists
  • International assignees and their families
  • Coaches and mentors

The subjects covered are broad enough to appeal to anyone interested in heightening their self-awareness and building their own personal resilience.

Leaders will gain new perspectives and insights from the session that will help them lead more authentically. Managers and team leaders will benefit from learning concepts and principles designed to elevate teamworking, encourage more creative thinking, improve collaborative working and achieve much better results as a consequence.

HR professionals and marketeers will learn concepts that will enable them to be better business partners, recognising and managing team dynamics more effectively and designing communication strategies that work.

What can people expect?

You can expect a change of pace. A space to relax and reflect. You can expect a rich experience where you’ll be taken on a musical journey.

In these turbulent times much can be learned from considering the orchestra as a metaphor, and the best way to coax extraordinary performance out of your players is a skill we should all learn.

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About Paul Williamson and his webinar guests

Paul Williamson – Webinar producer

Paul Williamson

Paul heads up learning and development at a global, live entertainment business. He has worked in the theatre industry for over 20 years, enjoying leadership roles in sales and ticketing prior to moving into Human Resources. He has developed a number of in-house development programmes, including a residential leadership development programme for senior leaders, and a two-year development programme for emerging leaders. He is also an executive coach. Paul is a chartered member of the CIPD, an AoEC qualified executive coach and a Hogan personality assessor.

During the webinar Paul Williamson will be interacting with three guests from around the world:

Participants in the Knowing the Score Webinar

Emily Smith (left) – General Manager of the Majestic and Empire theatres in San Antonio in the U.S. (part of The Ambassador Theatre Group) - two historic venues dedicated to presenting Broadway shows, concerts, comedians and other live events.

Kristina Lindenlaub (middle) – Head of Booking for BB Promotion in Germany. BB develop, market and implement national and international tours of concerts, musicals, shows and events.

Claire Singers (right) – Executive Coach & Diversity Consultant in the UK. Prior to this, Claire was Managing Director and co-owner of LD Communications, the UK's leading music and entertainment communications agency.

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