A work in progress: the importance of coaching in managing change

AoEC is partnering with Relocate Global to provide coaching, training of internal coaches, and leadership development to support our community with transformational change in organisations.

As international organisations and UK companies struggle with so much change from the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics, and the challenges from new market competition, as well as Brexit implications, we are delighted to be able to offer bespoke coaching through Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) that can support transformational leadership.

Equipping global mobility professionals

This relationship will also help to ensure that HR global mobility professionals are equipped to manage group moves and support their line managers as they respond to mergers and acquisitions, as well as fully supporting diversity across their organisations.Like the AoEC, we believe that all organisations and their people should have the opportunity to flourish. Their aim is to bring about positive change in human interaction and communication to deliver an improved triple bottom line for organisations with a focus on results, relationships and reputation.Gina Lodge, chief executive officer, speaking about AoEC’s approach, says, “We feel strongly that companies focusing solely on profit won’t be around in the next 10 years. Change needs to happen in the form of a more collaborative, distributed leadership style where employees are made responsible for their choices and held accountable for them. This level of autonomy can be applied to establish a more empowered and motivated workforce.”

Supporting staff to draw on their own insights

Ms Lodge explained that individuals should be supported to draw on their own insights and knowledge to come up with solutions rather than operate in a command and controlled environment. “Our vision is about changing the world and we fully appreciate that we’ve got some work to do, but we’re not afraid of that – we see challenges as opportunities for growth. We live in an uncertain and volatile world, but one where there is uncertainty, but there is also possibility.”One of the major strengths of the AoEC is their ability to design programmes that get to the heart of what companies are trying to achieve. Their faculty and consultants combine master-level psychological experience with extensive business leadership and coaching expertise. Their team of professional consultants and a highly skilled faculty all have a strong business background and a passion for people.
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“At Relocate Global, we have been exploring how to support international teams working together remotely. We know that this is commonplace for our audience. AoEC have honed skills in managing virtual teams, and it will be a huge benefit for our audience to take advantage of AoEC’s expertise at so many levels across organisations,” said Fiona Murchie, managing editor.The AoEC is a virtual organisation. Although their business hub is based in London, they are far-reaching across the UK and work internationally with partners operating in Brazil, Croatia, East Africa, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, New York, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey, as well as in Scotland.

A smaller more connected world

The world is becoming a smaller, more connected place with advancements in technology enabling teams to communicate across different time zones and continents. The partnership will enable Relocate Global to support organisations and their employees across the globe with quality coaching and leadership development.“We will be able to offer the joint webinars and individual coaching that is so desperately needed to support international organisations to manage their talent around the world. With advances in new technology, this is very exciting and it can be shared across all of the geographic regions,” said Ms Murchie.At Relocate Global we know accreditation is very important to our community. AoEC’s high quality training is triple-accredited by the leading coaching bodies the ICF, EMCC and AC. Since 2005, AoEC have trained 11,000 people worldwide. Companies they have worked with include PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK Airport Group, Capgemini, SITA, Deloitte, Thames Water, Ladbrokes, Help for Heroes, Bentley, Rentokil, KPMG and Thomson Reuters.In practical terms, the partnership with AoEC means Relocate Global is able to offer a more extensive range of facilitated events and learning and development webinars to share with our international audience. In addition, we will be able to provide access to coaching via AoEC to support the full raft of circumstances as organisations respond to change or set up in a new dominion.
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