Introduction to the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a leading international business centre renowned for its innovation, professionalism and positive international engagement. Occupying a central position in the Irish Sea and the British Isles between England and Ireland, the jurisdiction is accessible by sea and by air, with hundreds of weekly flights off Island.

National flag Isle Of Man

National flag Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man has a healthy economy and includes an award winning financial and professional services sector and a world-renowned eGaming industry. The Island’s economy encompasses a wide range of traditional sectors including engineering and manufacturing, shipping, retail, tourism and food and drink, but is also home to many emerging and innovative industries including medicinal cannabis, eSports and biotech. A vibrant business centre, the Island hasextensive job opportunities and career pathways.The Isle of Man is blessed with an extensive coastline, stunning natural landscapes and unspoilt beaches and is a popular holiday destination. Measuring 33 miles long and 13 miles wide, with a population of over 80,000 people, the Island has a diverse landscape, including glens, forests and beaches – and enjoys temperate weather all year round.The Isle of Man is a self-governing country but has always had and continues to have very strong ties to the UK. The Island has exceptional public services and a highly advanced technical infrastructure and offers an excellent education and an NHS style free healthcare system.On average salaries are higher than in the UK, with personal taxes among the lowest in Europe. There is also no Capital Gains, Land and Inheritance Tax or Stamp Duty. The Island has a strong national Manx identity and culture that is community spirited and celebrated with cultural, food and drink and sporting festivals throughout the year including the world-renowned TT races, the Isle of Man Food and Drink Festival and the Manx Telecom Parish Walk. Those living in the Island benefit from an unbeatable quality of life and great lifestyle opportunities. One of the safest places to live in Europe, it is also the only Island nation in the world to be awarded a UNESCO Biosphere status, making it a truly unique location to live and work.

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