Careers in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is home to a thriving and ever-growing economy. With over 20 diverse industries, the Island offers a wide range of career opportunities for those considering a change of scenery.

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The Isle of Man’s advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce and supportive Government make way for a thriving, ever-growing economy and job market. The Island is home to businesses operating in a wide range of sectors, spanning:
·       Financial and Professional Services·       Tech
·       eGaming·       Banking
·       Biomed·       Aerospace
·       Engineering and Manufacturing·       Aviation
·       Tourism·       Food and Drink
·       Shipping·       Construction
·       Retail·       Creative Industries
·       Education·       Healthcare
With many new and emerging sectors including esports, Medicinal Cannabis and Biotech.The Isle of Man’s has an award-winning financial and professional services sector, and is a renowned digital centre of excellence, with several leading eGaming global groups headquartered there. The Island’s digital sector has spearheaded a number of exciting and innovative industry initiatives including Blockchain, cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things, and latterly esports.As a financially stable and politically progressive jurisdiction, it appeals to both individuals and businesses thanks to its financially rewarding system and low taxation environment, with the average annual salary being 14% higher to that of the UK.The Island offers fast career progression across many of its sectors, including a number of fast-track schemes and graduate career pathways, and with a 0.7% unemployment rate and hundreds of job vacancies at any given time, the job market is buoyant. The Locate Isle of Man Talent Portal is a skills matching platform for anyone interested in relocating to the Isle of Man.The jurisdiction is also a wonderful and supportive environment for start-up businesses. The local Government offer a range of  financial assistance and support schemes, regularly investing millions into entrepreneurs and those setting up new ventures in the Island.

Relocation Incentives

The National Insurance Holiday Scheme is a relocation incentive for those taking up employment in the Isle of Man. Established in 2019, the scheme provides a refund on National Insurance contributions paid in the first 12 months of employment.The scheme is eligible to individuals that have relocated to the Isle of Man for employment, have not been tax resident in the Island for the immediate last five years, and earn a gross salary of £21,000 or more. The National Insurance contribution refund is capped at £4,000.The Employee Relocation Incentive allows Isle of Man employers who have a new position and are unable to secure local workers, to receive funding towards an employee's first year new salary, where the employee is recruited off-island.This incentive provides a 20% grant of up to £10,000 towards the cost of a relocating employee’s first year net salary (the minimum salary must be £25,000) paid one year post-successful recruitment. Employers can use the incentive in a range of ways - some businesses have used it to find suitable candidates, others to engage with recruitment agencies, with many gifting the grant to the candidate to support with relocation costs.

Moving to the Isle of Man

Moving to a new country is a rewarding experience but does bring with it a long list of things to do before you leave. Locate Isle of Man has compiled a useful moving checklist along with several other informative articles for individuals and families considering moving to the Isle of Man.

Relocation Stories

Sandra Rore, GP, Aberdeen
Sandra Rore, GP, Aberdeen
After visiting the Isle of Man on holiday in 2017, Sandra who is a GP, her husband Craig, and their three young boys immediately fell in love. Fast forward and they are settled into their new home and loving Island life. 
Michael Wells, IT Engineer, South Africa
Michael Wells, IT Engineer, South Africa
Michael Wells moved from Durban, South Africa to live and work in the Isle of Man and has fallen in love with the abundance of opportunity, unbeatable quality of life and safe environment for his family. 
Chris Walton & Dash Pather, Lawyers, South Africa
Chris Walton & Dash Pather, Lawyers, South Africa
Chris & Dash relocated to the Isle of Man at the end of 2019. Both working in the legal sector, they enjoy the high caliber of work conducted in the Island and have been making the most of their new found work-life balance.

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