Act now: Short Brexit survey from Permits Foundation to capture your views

There is still time left to take part in the Permits Foundation survey. The survey is aimed at finding out how employers perceive the impact of Brexit on employees who are EU citizens working in the UK.

Fill out Permit's Foundation's Brexit survey - image of woman on laptop filling in a survey
Permits Foundation is inviting HR managers from companies, universities, research institutes and other organisations to participate in its 2018 Brexit survey.

Impact of Brexit on EU citizens in the UK

The survey aims to provide an up-to-date view of how employers feel about the impact of Brexit on their EU citizen employees and family members in the UK.It covers topical issues such as future partners, access to employment, the right to stay during the transition/implementation phase and employer expectations around a registration process.The survey is short – just 13 questions – with a particular focus on family members. It relates to EU citizens currently in the UK, those coming during the transition phase and those arriving afterwards.
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Speaking about the survey, Permits Foundation director, Michiel van Campen said, “It really is so worthwhile for HR and mobility managers with EU citizen employees in the UK to set aside 10 minutes to complete this survey.“We see Brexit every day in the news but there’s now only a small window of time left to inform policy development. This survey and its report will help to make clear the views of employers and their expectations at this crucial point in the Brexit negotiations.”Participants are invited to take part until 4 April. A report of the results will be shared with the UK Migration Advisory Committee and relevant policy makers and posted on the Permits Foundation website, participants can also request a copy to be sent directly to them.
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