Growth in Turkey’s private schools fuels demand for teachers

The expected growth in Turkey’s private education sector will see an increased demand for teachers and teacher training in the country as the Turkish government attempts to improve access to education.

Growth in Turkey’s private schools fuels demand for teachers
According to Turkey’s latest National Statistics Report (2016), the private education sector in Turkey is on the rise.The number of schools in the country has increased 40 per cent in the last year to 10,525, with around 1.2 million students enrolled and almost 134,000 teachers.

Turkish government aims to improve access to education

This number is expected to increase as the Ministry of National Education, in an effort to improve access to education as well as enhance quality standards, is providing an incentive package for parents who would like to send their children to private schools.According to ISC research, Istanbul has the highest number of international schools, with over three times as many as those in Ankara, it’s closest rival. The most popular curricula amongst international schools in Turkey are the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the British National Curriculum.As part of the Turkish government’s vision, the number of private schools is expected to increase its share of the schools market from 10 per cent to 15 per cent by 2023.“While the teacher-student ratio in private schools is low, expectations on the growth of private primary and secondary education in Turkey will see an increased demand for new teachers; and the renewed call from various stakeholder groups in the country for better quality will require additional investments in teacher training,” said Matt Thompson, project director of F&E Education, organisers of GESS Turkey.

Predictions of a booming private school sector

Experts estimate the teacher training sector will give rise to a $60 million industry in Turkey, with traditional education powerhouses such as Finland, Canada and the US encouraging their private education stakeholders to explore new business opportunities in Turkey.Interest is also high among local and international providers of education-focused products and solutions, as the burgeoning education market in Turkey is forecast to open up new business opportunities for suppliers who are keen on entering or growing their existing market in the country.
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Several events in the region indicate the potential for private schools and investors. International and Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) Middle East, taking place in Dubai from 3-5 October 2017, provides an opportunity for effective partnership building for senior representatives of international and private schools. Conference speakers will bring their knowledge and perspectives from across the Middle East, with global perspectives from Asia and Europe.GESS, the global education conference and exhibition is also holding its first conference in Turkey on 19-21 October at the WOW Istanbul Convention Centre.Relocate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools 2017 is packed with information on education around the world with expert tips for those relocating and the professionals supporting them. Find out more here.For related news and features visit our Education & Schools sectionAccess hundreds of global services and suppliers in our Online Directory

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