Relocate reception welcomes WERC delegates to London Summit

Held at the Institute of Directors on the eve of the WERC’s London summit, Relocate Global’s annual international networking evening extended a warm greeting to delegates from around the world.

Reflecting the growth of the sector and the esteem of the WERC’s globetrotting summit series, last night’s event hosted a record-breaking turnout. Over 150 guests attended the TAS Alliance-sponsored get-together, reflecting the full range of service providers and specialisms. Take a look at the video above to get a feel for the event.As well as an opportunity to talk everything global mobility (view video: hot topics and challeges), network and catch up with friends old and new, the event provided a platform to introduce a number of new initiatives and partnerships, as well as inspiring updates from Relocate Awards winners as the 31 March deadline for entries to this year’s Relocate Awards, sponsored by Santa Fe, Aboda and FIDI, draws closer.

Partnerships in global mobility

In her welcoming address, host Fiona Murchie, Relocate Global’s managing editor, spoke of the importance today of partnerships in overcoming current and future challenges, particularly around Brexit. “With so many changes in the world, it’s never been more important to join partnerships and collaborate, no matter what sector you are in,” she said.  “Global mobility is becoming so important in so many places. We are now introducing country partners to give our readership the in-depth knowledge they need for successful relocation.”“There is a pipeline across Europe which aims to satisfy the great thirst for information at the moment about Brexit, for example."John Beck, director of sales and marketing at Santa Fe Relocation, a sponsor of year's Relocate Awards, spoke of the “interesting past year and years ahead”, particularly around immigration, as companies move people round the world.“Global mobility has to be more switched on than ever. Santa Fe is therefore pleased to be part of the awards, which encourage and celebrate best practice.”
Other news from Relocate Global:

Extending global mobility support through coaching 

To assist and support global mobility practitioners, service providers, individuals and their families respond to the disruptive changes, Fiona Murchie also spoke of Relocate Global’s partnership with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC).Gina Lodge, the AoEC’s chief executive, said that the arrangement was one of the “most exciting partnerships” the organisation has been involved in.“We can easily see the attraction of the partnership with Relocate Global because relocation and global mobility is all about the whole person,” said Gina Lodge. “You bring everything to work with you.“What we see in global mobility is something that transcends countries and cultures. We work a lot with people from all around the world, from Turkey to the US. But it doesn’t matter where you go, coaching is a common language.  “Working together in partnership with such a prestigious organisation as Relocate Global, we really look forward to helping individuals and companies and working with you all.” After hearing how Relocate Award winners have gone from strength to strength, Fiona Murchie thanked guests for coming and set the stage for more exciting discussions at today’s WERC London summit

Watch videos from the Relocate reception 

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