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The next issue of the leading international magazine for HR, global managers and relocation professionals will explore the big themes from autumn’s conference and what 2019 has in store for mobility.

Relocate magazine winter january issue 2018
With a new year just around the corner, the January 2019 edition of Relocate magazine (published December) will feature the best in topical news and features for our audience of HR, global managers and relocation professionals.

Winter issue features include:

Turning the taps on global talent pipelines

Are talent shortages a myth? Some recruiters think so. Reporting from the CIPD annual conference, we look at the latest recruitment practices and the impact of AI on talent attraction, selection and development.

Towards an inclusive workplace: Fostering a culture of authenticity, inclusiveness and well-being

The emphasis on fostering an inclusive workplace culture has never been greater as organisations pursue talent objectives and moral imperatives. Dr Sue Shortland reports on actions to improve diversity and inclusion at work.

Aston Martin: Driving global transformation

British luxury car-maker Aston Martin is accelerating ahead in the UK’s high-end creative manufacturing sector after a period of deep transformation. Under the aegis of its Second Century Plan, the newly public-listed company has a fresh business plan, a new leadership team and a revamped product range, which put collaborative working at the core of the business.

Employee financial wellness programmes – how do they support recruitment and retention?

Financial worries are a major source of stress. This can impact employees performance at work, and lead to absence and sickness. Recognising the problem and increasing number of employers are supporting staff with education around financial wellness and stress reduction. New companies in the market are offering loans and savings products through salary deduction.

A simple approach to resolving the productivity paradox

Where HR and people management go with big ideas, global mobility tends to follow. So, here’s the latest proposition from the realm of organisational transformation presented by Dr Yves Morieux at the CIPD annual conference – strategic alignment is dead, long live simplicity!

Trends and themes to support your business growth in 2019

We examine the what leading organisations and industry sectors are doing to support growth. We look at global conference highlights and emerging frameworks for HR, global mobility professionals and international managers with the emphasis on putting people first. With the latest announcements in the budget and the update on the UK’s industrial strategy we highlight potential relocation hotspots and the industry sectors to watch.

International health insurance

Marianne Curphey explores how employers can support their staff in health terms while they are outside the UK from finding the right cover to corporate travel policies and international private medical insurance as well as the impact of new technologies in improving 24-hour healthcare support around the world.

The Employee Value Proposition and Global Mobility – A Tool in the War for Talent?

The so called ‘war for talent’, mostly due to a shortage of skilled labour, is a phenomenon with which most companies will be largely familiar. In today’s business world, organisations need to fight in order to attract the best and brightest talent using all of the tools available to them. Dr Benjamin Bader and David Enser reveal recent research carried out for RES Forum.

Assessing risk and the role of trust: managing in a world of global uncertainty

Business today operates in a highly uncertain world. The information needed to service the deployment of personnel effectively to meet business objectives is not always complete. So the risks associated with global mobility are high but must be addressed to achieve organisational success. Trust can play an important role in risk management. Dr Sue Shortland explains.

The Employee Value Proposition and Global Mobility – A Tool in the War for Talent?

The so called ‘war for talent’, mostly due to a shortage of skilled labour, is a phenomenon with which most companies will be largely familiar. In today’s business world, organisations need to fight in order to attract the best and brightest talent using all of the tools available to them. One such tool, which is not often considered in terms of global mobility, is the Employee Value Proposition (EVP, also known as an Employer Value Proposition). Dr Benjamin Bader and David Enser summarise their recent research carried out for the RES Forum.

How can we help children to become digital ninjas?

One of the biggest issues for parents of adolescents is that most grew up in a world without 24-hour access to digital technology. How can we help children to successfully navigate the pitfalls of digital media when we ourselves feel like we are often operating in the dark? Heather Carruthers reports.

What makes a truly great school?

Is there such thing as a ‘perfect’ school? What should you look for when choosing? Sir Anthony Seldon; historian, political commentator and author, attempted to answer the impossible question at the Independent Schools Show in London.

In a fast-changing world, should relocating parents consider boarding for their children?

As increasing numbers of employees relocate overseas for an employment opportunity or as a result of Brexit, those with families face the difficult task of exploring the schooling options for their children. Heather Carruthers looks at why families might consider boarding schools – especially if they are new to the private education system.

Book Club

The latest reading to keep you ahead in managing international teams and preparing your organisation for 2019 and beyond. 

Introducing a coaching mindset to the next generation

Across international organisations around the world, and for those managing millennials and global talent, there is a drive to put the human back into leadership by mastering emotional intelligence (EI). We explore the value of experiential coaching for young professionals to hone their EI and leadership skills while satisfying their thirst for personal development.

Serviced Apartment Sector

The latest developments from this buoyant sector as it responds to global demand from business travellers, domestic relocation moves and international assignments. New openings in 2019.

Global Mobility Toolkit Supplement

Your introduction to our practical resources to support relocation, talent management and global mobility. Read these overview articles and then download the Factsheets from the Relocate Global website:
  • Prepare for Brexit
  • Managing talent
  • Group moves managing strategic choices
  • The global mobility agenda
  • Innovation the relocation perspective
  • Group moves raising engagement in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Family support policy implications for domestic and international moves

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