New ‘kitemark’ for British Schools Overseas

The British government is set to launch a ‘kitemark’ for high quality British Schools Overseas.

British Schools Overseas kite mark emblem
In a letter to British Schools Overseas (BSOs), Jackie McHanwell of the Department for Education (DfE), has set out the government’s plans to launch a ‘State Emblem’ for BSOs that have passed inspections by a government approved inspectorate.“We have been seeking to patent a logo to cement the BSO brand,” said Ms McHanwell in her letter to schools.  “This would be something which every school with a successful BSO inspection could use in its publicity material to indicate that it had met our quality standards.”“We are in a position similar to a ‘patent pending’ period. We have been trying for some time to get approval from the World Property Organisation (WPO). This is proving to be an enormously lengthy process, but, once agreed, will have the effect of a trademark recognised by almost every country in the world.”After his extensive lobbying activities, Trevor Rowell, Chairman of the Council of British International Schools is delighted that the British Government plan to register the term ‘British Schools Overseas’ as a registered ‘Official Sign’. “COBIS welcomes the planned introduction of the ‘Official Sign’,” said Mr Rowell, “and official communication between the DfE and British Council as further positive commitment and recognition which will serve to benefit the 250 plus quality British International school members and commercial organisations within the growing COBIS global network".The BSO scheme has been running for around four years and in that time has seen steady growth in participating schools.“We now have over 80 schools across the world with a current positive inspection report,” said Ms McHanwell “ and some that are now embarking on their second inspection.”Although the BSO emblem is still awaiting approval, the DfE have advised schools that, “every school which has had a successful BSO inspection within the last three years may use this emblem in their school publicity.”

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