ACS 'iPad Wall' wows at Apple Leadership Summit

ACS Hillingdon’s Advanced Technology Club designed and coded a 48 iPad ‘Wall’, displayed at the Apple Leadership Summit 2015 held in London.

Students from West-London based international school, ACS Hillingdon, impressed delegates with their 'iPad wall' at the recent Apple Leadership Summit held in London.The school's 'Advanced Technology club', a group of High School students who meet once a week to develop innovative technology projects, created a short film last year about its ‘100 iPad Wall’, a huge screen made up of one hundred tablets able to receive and display images simultaneously in real time.  The film has received over 3000 views on YouTube.  For the Apple Leadership Summit the students designed a 48 iPad version of the Wall. Lower and Middle School students also helped with the project creating a collaborative piece of artwork.Using a Proscope, a microscopic camera lens that attaches to an iPad, students took pictures of the man-made environment of the school; 700 images were collected and used to create a piece of art to be streamed on the iPad Wall. Over the four days of the Summit, students presented the iPad Wall to 400 delegates from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and also explained how they used iPads in their daily school lives. Many delegates also contributed their own microscopic clothing images to create a new piece of art every day on the Wall.High School students, Andreas Eriksen and Corey Shuster, also compiled a short video of the Summit, which they presented to delegates as part of their Keynote address. Sue Wakefield-Gray, ACS Hillingdon High School IT Integrationist, commented, “The iPad Wall project celebrated the ‘4 Cs’; Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Each day, students demonstrated these important life skills when interacting with Summit delegates."

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