Do international students have the edge in today’s global market place?

Relocate Global’s new annual Guide to International Education & Schools argues that children of globally mobile families are poised for success in a global business world.

international students
The new global market place is demanding a new a kind of international education and a new breed of graduate. International skills and cultural agility are the new currency. Relocate Global's new annual Guide to International Education & Schools, which will be launched at our first ever International Education Forum in London, argues that children of globally mobile families are in a unique position in order to succeed in this new global business world and take advantage of the rapidly expanding international education market.Data tells us there are now over 8,000 English medium international schools across the world teaching 4.26 million students. By 2025 this is predicted to rise 15,000 teaching over 8 million students.Speaking at the COBIS annual conference, John Bagust, head of primary schools at Prague British School, said, "With a perpetually changing world, there are now more people working abroad than ever before, and that change in work patterns has created a huge need for high-quality British schools abroad."UK Boarding Schools are making strides into the international education market with the British Council reporting that 40 per cent of international schools now use a UK- based curriculum. Five new branch campuses of UK boarding schools opened in the last few years bringing the total to 44 overseas outposts that collectively educate 24,710 students. Children of internationally relocating families have to adapt quickly to their new surroundings. They make huge cultural shifts, often learn a new language and make new friends from different countries. And it is this adaptability that employers are now demanding from their new recruits."Students need to be ready for an unknown future," says British School in the Netherlands' headteacher David Porritt, one of the many expert contributors to the Guide. If relocating parents make the right education choices they could be placing their children at a huge advantage when it comes to finding a job in the new global market place.In the Guide to International Education and Schools Relocate Global has brought together all the latest intelligence and views from education leaders for families faced with making the right international education and school choices.The Guide not only sets out how to go about finding the right school in a family's new international location but contains all the information required to help a family settle and thrive in their new life overseas. Also included is a directory with details of global schools, ideally positioned in relocation hotspots around the world.Equipped with the tools to make the right choice, families can be assured that they are poised to take advantage of the world of education opportunities to ensure their children are trained in the uniquely desirable skills required to succeed in a global business world.What schools teaching international students seem to have in common is a level of adaptability and flexibility to meet the needs of an evolving global marketplace."In the end," says the British School in the Netherlands' David Porritt, "that's one of the core purposes of international schools. There is an imperative that students not only learn what they require in the here and now, but also learn to be open to new, emergent knowledge – and to be ready for an unknown future."

Relocate Global’s new annual Guide to International Education & Schools provides a wealth of advice to anyone searching for a new school in the UK and in an international setting, and offers insights into what it takes to make the right school choice. 

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To celebrate the launch of our new Guide to International Education & Schools, the first-ever Re:locate International Education Forum event was be held in central London on Friday 19 February.

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