Excellence in Relocation Management or Mobility Support


Excellence in Relocation Management or Mobility Support Winner
Relocate Awards Supplement
This article is taken from the 2021 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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Relocation is often regarded as a purely transactional endeavour. This means assignee experience is frequently undervalued and overlooked. But relocation management company Heart Relocation is on a mission to change that and deliver happy landings to all its clients’ assignees.Heart Relocation’s holistic approach recognises the individuality of each assignee and their family. This includes their emotional as well as physical journey, “resulting in an exceptional quality and personalised mobility experience,” said the judges.

A meaningful approach to relocation

Heart Relocation’s approach exemplifies excellence in relocation practice that dovetail with clients’ global people strategies, particularly this year when employee wellbeing reached the top of the HR, international management and global mobility agendas.Taking care of the hearts and minds of staff, assignees and their families is at the centre of this growing company. “There is a clear emphasis on the happiness and welfare of assignees and the family,” commented the judges. “It is good to see emphasis on welfare in order to ensure responsiveness to family needs.”Applying the logic that healthy, happy and engaged employees are more productive, Heart Relocation’s empowered culture gives consultants the time, space and inside knowledge to deliver the best possible support. This means assignees and their families can make a smooth transition to their new location.

Being the best version of ourselves

Heart Relocation lives its ethos through a joined-up approach, which connects colleagues, clients and assignees, as well as the company’s global supply chain of destination service providers and the wider global mobility sector.Two aspects of its approach stood out for the judges. First, Heart Relocation limits relocation consultants’ caseloads to 30 assignees. This ensures everyone in the team has the time and space to provide the best possible individual service to each assignee. Conversations with assignees start with “how are you feeling?”, enabling colleagues to reflect and really understand how and where they can best assist each individual and put their unique needs first.Second, Heart Relocation regularly engages with psychologists and expatriate coaches to ensure a mindful approach to supporting assignees and their family. Throughout 2020, the team has innovated and taken the time to really get to know the people who deliver its services in country so consultants can match service providers to individual assignees meaningfully.Heart Relocation, a majority female-owned business, also actively encourages employees to work on their own passion projects. This is all part of Heart Relocation’s goal of creating a fulfilling working environment that allows people to be the best version of themselves.Collecting the award, Rob and Anna Fletcher from Heart Relocation said: “We are feeling really quite humble and would like to thank Relocate Global for putting on this wonderful event and for considering us and granting us this award, for which we are truly grateful. We’d also like to thank all of our team – Miriam, Jessica, Monica, Ricky and Dom. “We have a mission and that is to create a great environment for people. Now more than ever we have to believe in ourselves as human beings. If we can create the right environment for ourselves, we are capable of great things.”www.heartrelocation.com

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