Relocation Personality of the Year puts family “at the heart of global mobility”

Heather Mulkey, Relocation Personality of Year, puts children and family firmly “at the heart of global mobility.”

Heather Mulkey ISL Surrey Relocation Personality of the Year
Education and family issues have been steadily rising up the ranks of critical considerations in professional global mobility. And it is this increased focus on education choices in relocation that makes it all the more fitting that this year’s Relocation Personality of Year Award goes to someone who has dedicated her career to understanding and meeting the needs of the family in transition.Heather Mulkey, Group Marketing and Admissions Officer at the International School of London with responsibility for schools in London, Surrey and Qatar, took the coveted award for Relocation Personality of Year at the Re:locate Awards Gala Dinner, at the Institute of Director’s in London’s Pall Mall.Described by one of her colleagues as “a great leader and mentor”, Heather Mulkey, has followed a distinguished career in international education and is extremely well known and respected throughout the industry for her vast knowledge and charismatic personality.Making the right education choices are becoming ever more critical for assignees with school-age children. With the percentage of assignments with accompanying children now standing at almost 50 per cent (2014 Brookfield Global Mobility Trends Survey) and with ‘inability of the family to adjust’ sitting at the top of the reasons for costly assignment failure, (2014 Cartus survey - Trends in Global Mobility) understanding and meeting the needs of the globally mobile family has never been more important.Heather has been instrumental in educating the whole industry, including schools, service providers and families, about the importance of finding the right school for each individual to ensure a smooth transition and a successful assignment.“At a time when the international school market is booming but with school places in short supply in many global locations, it is fitting that we are crowning a relocation personality award winner with a holistic approach to education,” said Fiona Murchie, Managing Director of Re:locate Global.  “As one leading UK Independent Education Consultant put it, Heather is a professional who operates “with compassion and understanding.”For decades, Heather has humbly served the relocation industry and continues to be passionate about doing so. She has a deep understanding of the many interrelating facets of global mobility and is actively involved in training and organising events for professionals in the field. As member of the Board of the ARP and trainer of the EuRA MIM programme, Heather is a skilled orator and writer, presenting education seminars and training to mobility audiences, including Worldwide ERC, FOCUS, Expat UK and embassy education conferences and schools.Fiona Murchie, concluded, “The depth of knowledge that she can offer to parents, (who also have one eye on university and their child’s future role within the global market place) HR and relocation specialists is priceless.“Re:locate Global congratulates Heather for her authenticity and the sharing approach she has adopted in her tireless work championing the needs of children and family in relocation. We look forward to her thoughts on the next round of education and mobility challenges!”As Heather Mulkey took to the stage to accept the award, she thanked the assembled audience of relocation and global mobility professionals for, “putting children and family at the heart of global mobility.”Read more from Re:locate Global Education and Schools 

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