The Inspiring Story Continues: Carrie Clark Officially an Airline Pilot

Watch the playback video for our conversation with Carrie Clark, a truly inspirational young woman determined to fly - and to help girls and young women to achieve a career in aviation.

Click on the image, above, to watch Carrie Clark in conversation with Jayne Constantinis and Fiona Murchie to celebrate International Women’s Day.

We were captivated by Carrie’s story last year when she shared her dream of becoming an airline pilot and the grit and determination needed to put herself through the demanding exams, training and fundraising. Carrie was a special guest at our Think Women event held at the Institute of Directors for International Women’s Day in London in March 2020.We invited her back to share her progress over the last year, the ups and downs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and other hurdles along the way. A truly inspirational story from a young woman set to fly and determined to help girls and young women to achieve a career in aviation.

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