Higher education in the UAE: attracting international students

In a new report from its Global Education Practice, L.E.K Consulting shines a light on education opportunities in the UAE.

Higher education in the UAE: attracting international students
L.E.K. Consulting has released a new report, ‘Untapped Opportunity: International Education in the UAE’, that will provide investors and operators with key insights into global education, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE).Author Ashwin Assomull, partner at L.E.K. Consulting, who heads the company’s Global Education Practice, covered the following topics:
  • Current gaps in the global international education sector and ways in which UAE can leverage these opportunities
  • Key factors that institutions in the UAE should consider to effectively position themselves for international students
  • Need to focus on key source markets like India and China for universities in the UAE to attract international students, due to an increase in outbound student mobility rates (India reaching a CAGR of 17 per cent and China at 4 per cent from 2015-2018)

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Mr Assomull says, “Many countries would like to attract more international students for a number of reasons. The first is to drive enrolments (which in turn fund research) in domestic institutions. Second, high-talent international students may stay on and contribute to the host nation workforce and economy. Third, international students are active consumers while abroad, spending on housing and as consumers and tourists. Finally, international students support soft power objectives by becoming informal ambassadors for their host countries later in life. In this Executive Insights, we explore how other countries might tap into demand for anglophone education, with a specific lens on the UAE.”
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About the author

Ashwin Assomull is a partner and founding member of the Global Education Practice at L.E.K. Consulting. He has 10 years of dedicated education experience and has worked on cases across all education verticals including K-12, higher and vocational education, international education, English language training and education technology. Mr Assomull frequently advises CEOs of top education companies and investors on buy- and sell-side diligences, market-entry strategy, pricing strategy, and full potential assessment. He is a frequent speaker at industry-leading conferences such as IPSEF and EdEx MENA. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the London School of Economics and an MBA from London Business School.

View online or download ‘Untapped Opportunity: International Education in the UAE’.


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