Relocation Professionals: Why go to School Open Days?

Autumn marks the Open Day Season for schools across the UK and it is the perfect time to broaden your knowledge of school options so that you are well placed to advise relocating families.

RMC? DSP? The importance of attending School Open Days
If you are an RMC or DSP, you will know that sourcing suitable accommodation is critical to the success of a relocation and, if a family is relocating, this decision will be tied up inextricably with choosing a school. In fact most education experts agree that it is important to find the school first and build your property search around it.

Helping relocating families to make an informed school choice

Juggling the need to be within comfortable travelling distance of both school and work can be tricky and families will rely on your expertise to guide them through the challenging decisions ahead. Your knowledge of local property and schools and any orientation trips that you organise will be critical in helping them to make an informed decision.That is why we are highlighting the importance of the current School Open Day season where schools invite prospective parents and interested parties to take tours of their schools.Now is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to visit local schools to meet teachers, parents and students and to take a tour of the facilities. You will then be perfectly placed to advise relocating families on the most suitable schools for their requirements and consequently narrow down their property search to a preferable area.
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Key dates for your diary:

Closing date for UK state secondary school applications: 31 October 2017

Most schools have been holding Open Days in September and October to enable parents to meet the 31 October deadline set for secondary school applications. Applications received after this deadline will still be processed, but only after all the ‘on-time’ applications, which means there may be fewer places available, especially at the most popular and successful schools.

Closing date for UK state primary school applications: 15 January 2018

Primary schools are continuing to hold Open Days through November, December and even into early January 2018 for parents to meet the January admissions deadline.

Understanding the options at independent and international schools

A great option to deepen your knowledge on the independent school options available to relocating families is the Independent Schools Show. Taking place on 11 and 12 November in London, it is a chance to engage with leading schools, senior figures in education and respected head teachers as they gather for the world's biggest open day. The Show provides the obvious advantage that all of the schools are in one place and so it is an excellent way to get an overview of several schools at once that may be relevant to those you provide services to.For those applying to International schools, autumn is an equally important time with more opportunity to secure places than January onwards when waiting lists build.So take advantage of the Open Day season to get informed of the school options in your area so that you can provide the best information to relocating families.
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