International Women’s Day: Think Women

On 8 March, Relocate Global held its first ever ‘Think Women’ event to celebrate International Women’s Day. As we found out, even the smallest steps can lead to the biggest changes.

Think Women Event
From the perspective of mobility and HR, workplace diversity and inclusion is core to Relocate Global’s editorial agenda because international experience is a pathway to career progression at senior levels. Equality of opportunity in assignment selection is a critical piece of the wider HR and talent picture.

Women in global mobility

Figures are very hard to come by, but estimates suggest women comprise only around 20 per cent of total assignment volume. More research could give us an insight into the actual figures, why this is the case, and the levers for change in talent management, policy design and global mobility support.What is evident is that these ongoing inequalities and limited diversity are at odds with what we know good business looks like in the 21st century and the “three Ts” of trust, talent and technology.Companies know they can no longer overlook or undervalue the skills and talents of women the world over. Reputation, organisational performance and trust are at stake.Technology has also given us the tools to screen out gender markers in online job applications and recruitment literature, job specifications and policies.And yes, there is a real sense the ground is shifting, both in business and wider society. But the truth is, time is not on our side.Of the 2,516 large companies filing their first median hourly pay gap now required by legislation in the UK, three-quarters pay men more. At current rates, it will take two centuries for women’s pay to achieve parity with men.

Think Women event

To change practice, we also need to change behaviours. Every participant in the room at Think Women made a powerful and personal commitment to take steps to help redress the balance.These ranged from restarting career mentoring relationships with young people, to securing research funding to explore the way forward from a sound evidence base, to seeking the support of a career coach.If enough people take small steps towards better gender balance in the workplace and in global mobility, then perhaps we won’t need an International Women’s Day.

Join us

If you’re interested in joining the Think Women Relocate Global community, these are just some of the areas at the top of the agenda for organisations where we can make a real difference:
  • International assignments for women
  • Family support including career development
  • Gender pay gap
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Giving back to women
  • Engagement with schools and further/higher education
If you would like to get involved with Think Women, our lively new virtual and face-to-face global community, then please email   or call +44 (0)1892 891334We also welcome your editorial contributions 

Think outside the box

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