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21K School truly represents world class education for a child’s world.

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The world is changing and changing fast. Blisteringly fast! Sometimes, even before you can blink. While that may be an exaggeration, it is truly symbolic of the times we live in. The rate of change is so overwhelming that a country like India has been forced to not just play catch up, but now even lead this change.
Technology has impacted every sphere of life – business, industry, shopping, entertainment, sport... Routine, advanced tasks have been automated, top-down corporate structures are being replaced by flat structures of project-based teams – and this is only the beginning.All of this has impacted the sphere of education in such a big way that schools that do not pay heed to these rapid changes will soon be left far, far behind. And in the process, be a drag on the life and careers of their students.
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Realising this, the founders of 21K School took the bold but path-breaking step of launching India’s first-ever online-only school. This is not to be confused with the temporary arrangement that brick-and-mortar schools have been forced into by the pandemic outbreak – those will all return to conventional formats once the pandemic is done. Hence, they are not equipped with the systems and processes that set apart online-only schools.21K School, on the other hand, came into being purely as an online-only school. And will forever remain so. It never had, and never will have, a brick-and-mortar set-up. And yet, the online-only format is merely symbolic of the bigger picture. Hugely bigger!The need for an online-only format came as a result of analyzing the trends in education vis-à-vis the rapid onslaught of technology. The founders of 21K school – themselves with over a decade of prior experience in setting up and managing traditional schools – realized that the old order, founded on the bedrock of ‘mastery of the 3 Rs’ (Reading-Writing-Arithmetic), is no longer enough. Nor is the superficial recollection of facts. And definitely not rote learning!A rapidly changing world is accentuating the need for deeper learning of content, and then lensing this through its application in solving real-life issues. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is no longer acceptable – nor even smart! Today knowledge is power only and only if it is complemented with the purposeful development of critical skills (problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration) and universal human values (empathy, positivity, equanimity, and the ethic of excellence). When today’s child grows up into the future corporate world, all of these skills and values will be imperative and non-negotiable.To succeed in a technology-driven and almost rapidly metamorphosing future, a child needs to get exposed to these advances in their current academic curriculum itself. Alas, this is no longer possible in the traditional schooling system.All of the above insights have gone into the creation of 21K School. This is not just schooling for the purpose of education, but schooling for the purpose of life! 21K School specifically and purposefully dismantles the conventional one-size-fits-all model and replaces it with a system that sharply focuses on latent talents and aptitude, and thoughtfully works around individual shortcomings of students, to truly provide a level playing field for every child.Most starkly, the entire online-only model ensures that each and every child benefits from equal opportunity regardless of family situation or geographical location. In other words, a child in a remote or small town now has access to the very same degree of quality and world-class education as their counterpart in the biggest and most advanced metropolis. They may be separated by thousands of miles, but they are classmates on par in all and every aspect.21K School is an online-only School with no physical campus. As an online school, we aim to replicate the physical experience using technology and practices that are well established world-over. We believe that the online School is required to meet the needs of lakhs of school students who cannot attend a physical, on-site, mainstream school.21K School is promoted by 21K School Foundation, a not-for-profit company registered under Section 8 of Indian Companies Act, 2013 with charitable objectives. Both our students and staff are located across India and abroad.21K School started in June 2020 and presently has 3000+ students. The parents and students have greatly benefitted from our academic delivery and online classes using our learning platform. The parent's feedback has been positive and helped us enroll over 3000 students for the ensuing academic year for Nursery to Grade 12 across our Indian, British and American curriculum. To be precise, we have students from over 400+ cities spread over 25 countries. Our students do not only hail from Metros or Tier 1 cities, but also comes from various Tier 2, Tier 3 and even from the remotest locations of the country.Our teachers work full-time with us and meet the essential requirements of the National Council of Teacher Education and Council. They are specifically trained to teach online and are adept at using technology and online teaching pedagogy.We at 21K are offering an array of second and third language options to students, including Hindi, Sanskrit, French and other Indian and Foreign languages. Particular importance is given to English (oral and aural) and the development of life skills and values. Music, Arts, Dance and Yoga is taught to students in a congenial environment. We also follow the House System and regularly celebrate festivals and important days. Our assessment is holistic, following the continuous and comprehensive assessment criteria with two term-end examinations. Formal Parents-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are conducted regularly and on-demand.21K School truly represents world class education for a child’s world.For more insights download the 21K brochure: Click here (2432k)

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