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Blick Rothenberg

Winner of the 2022 Think Global People for Excellence in Talent Development, Deployment, Diversity: Blick Rothenberg
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This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.
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At a time of significant change in what can seem like a world of growing divisions, Blick Rothenberg – a London-headquartered company established in 1945 by German émigré Helmut Rothenberg OBE – is a tax, accounting and business advisory firm and champion of good business.
“This is a wonderful example of a business that knows what it wants to be, has a strong philosophy, clear values, is ambitious and confident”
Its inspirational people and Global Mobility practices, which champion inclusion, diversity and equity, are driving personal, business and economic growth. These align with its vision: to build sustainable and long-term business built around furthering the careers of its people.Fundamental to Blick Rothenberg’s ongoing success story is its nurturing culture. The Global Mobility practice team and wider company offers everyone a caring and protective culture and an environment where they can develop and flourish.The company’s vision and culture extend to clients, leading to growth and outstanding outcomes for all from its inclusive people management practices.“This is a wonderful example of a business that knows what it wants to be, has a strong philosophy, clear values, is ambitious and confident, and prepared to take positive action to ensure their culture supports talent and delivers results for all its stakeholders,” said the judges.

Words into action

Blick Rothenberg’s 40-strong Global Mobility team is focused on caring for its people and clients. They offer a high touch, personal and bespoke service motivated by the passion to always do the right thing. Its work mirrors the company’s wider commitment to honouring people’s diversity and recognising relationships are the key to their success.A wide range of initiatives, including short feedback loops and frequent surveys between clients, employees and leaders, as well as leadership training and coaching, make sure these values are practiced and lived in the business under the “One Company, People First” approach.The company also clearly communicates career pathways with standardised job titles and bandings, and transparent salary and bonus information for managers and partners to ensure fairness and therefore engagement.

Valuing diversity, equity and inclusion

Supporting all these practices is a three-pillared wellbeing approach that safeguards employees’ mental, physical and financial health. Resource groups and networks, including a Women’s Network, BRave (Blick Rothenberg Acknowledges and Values Ethnicity) and a Rainbow Network for people identifying as LGBT+, feed into wider industry interest groups.  The company also actively values cognitive and social diversity, setting up a shadow board for sense checking and to enrich decisions across the company.Evidencing brilliantly how excellence in talent deployment and diversity creates momentum for high performance, Blick Rothenberg’s customer satisfaction, profitability, annual growth and retention are impressive. Organic growth has averaged around 15-20% over the past few years. The company has higher than average retention levels and the Global Mobility team the highest in Blick Rothenberg.“It is clear that people are having a really positive experience working at this business,” said the judges in their conclusions. “The range of diversity and inclusion initiatives and their impact on staff performance is exceptional and is very well demonstrated through both client and staff satisfaction and engagement.”“Blick Rothenberg has been around for 80 years and really focuses on putting people first,” said Mark Abbs, Partner, Blick Rothenberg. “This Award is incredibly important for me and the firm because it recognises what we are trying to achieve and really make it a great place to work.”
The award was collected by Mark Abbs, Partner, Blick Rothenberg.
The award was collected by Mark Abbs, Partner, Blick Rothenberg.Visit the Blick Rothenberg website
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