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Festival 2022 – Highlights

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Jayne Constantinis, BBC World presenter
Jayne Constantinis has been in the communications business for 25 years, as a live continuity announcer on BBC television; a business reporter/newsreader on BBC World; a financial services corporate presenter. She facilitates and speaks at live events (see her recent TEDx talk), moderates panels, and is a sought-after communication skills trainer for individuals and groups.

Panel: Marc Burrows
Marc Burrows, KPMG
Marc Burrows
is Head of Global Mobility Services and Partner at KPMG International. He started his career in Global Mobility Services for KPMG in Australia followed by 8 years with KPMG in Switzerland. He relocated to London to lead the UK Global Mobility Services practice in 2011 before becoming the Head of Global Mobility Services in 2016. Marc has spent his career working with clients to address the challenges of increasingly mobile employee populations. He advises companies and senior individuals across a range of issues from business traveler risk, incentive compensation management, global mobility policy and cross border taxation.Read Mark Burrow's full bio to learn more
Panel: Kerwin Guillermo
Kerwin Guillermo headshot
Kerwin Guillermo trusts that knowing the “why” of mobility is one of the most important springboards for the future of work. No matter how much change happens in business and the workforce, he believes the initiatives for talent mobility always have these core values and aspirations: exceptional employee experience and engagement, thorough compliance, strategic internal and external partnerships, thrilling innovations and creative solutions. He also has built a strong foundation for responsible global citizenship, with special focus on advocacy that improves the pathways to globalization, addresses global challenges, and supports the under-represented. In addition, he’s ardent about helping others identify and fulfill opportunities, roles, and experience that enrich their careers, their cultural learning, and their professional expertise.
Read Kerwin Guillermo's full bio to learn more
Panel: Linda Holbeche
linda h
Have the events of the last two years changed how we work forever? Dr Linda Holbeche will argue that the future of work is now. We are re-imaging the workplace with transformations that were expected to take years happening in months. We all know work settings will need to become more agile, flexible, entrepreneurial, innovative and creative—and work will increasingly be about adaptive challenges, the ones that artificial intelligence and automation will struggle with. Working patterns will become increasingly hybrid, with more remote supervisors. We need a different skill set and strategies for the complexities of managing performance and keeping employees engaged and well when managers and their teams aren’t working in the same place.What of the future workforce? Given that the level of ambiguity is increasing, and the pace of change is accelerating, there’s going to be employment for people with growth mind-sets but you’re never going to be able to hire and fire your way to the competencies you need. So work itself must foster talent and organisations should aim to become a dynamic hub for the development of talent. So how do you build the agile and resilient workforce of the future? What skills do people need to be equipped with? We’ll look at the implications of agility for the future of work, the workplace and workers.Linda is the author of The Agile Organization, Organization Development: a practitioner's guide for OD and HR and Aligning hR and Business Strategy.Read Dr Linda Holbeche's full bio to learn more
Panel: Sarah Rozenthuler
sarah r image
Sarah Rozenthuler will cover how to create resilient organisations, top teams and engaged individuals through harnessing the power of purpose and authentic leadership. She will explain how inspirational leaders can be transformative, empowering teams and strengthen organisations to become a force for good in the world.Sarah is the author of How to Have Meaningful Conversations and Powered by Purpose: Energise your People to do Greak Work.Read Sarah's full bio to learn more

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