Tree Marquee Workshops

Join the best thinkers in global mobility, HR and leadership, in a glorious countryside setting with a festival feel.
Learn from inspiring keynote panellists and guest experts how to take your organisation to the next level. Be part of workshops lead by the top leaders within the industry:

tree marquee workshop
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DIALOGUE IN CHANGING TIMES WORKSHOP WITH SARAH ROZENTHULER AND CLAUS SPRINGBORGIn this session Sarah Rozenthuler and Claus Springborg explored how you can create the conditions for authentic dialogue that accesses collective wisdom, makes positive change happen and enables people to show up as their best selves.
marquee for workshop
THE MANAGEMENT SHIFT FOR INNOVATION AND AGILITY WITH VLATKA ARIAANA HLUPICIn this workshop Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic explored the workforce challenges whilst teaching you how to find potential solutions and learning how organisations can become a talent hub for the future of work.
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