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Join the best thinkers in global mobility, HR and leadership, in a glorious countryside setting with a festival feel.
Learn from inspiring keynote panellists and guest experts how to take your organisation to the next level. Be part of engaging and interactive hubs to explore:

thought leadership hubs
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WELLBEING AND ENGAGEMENTExpert Hub Hosts: Rob Fletcher, Kellie Noon, Claus Springborg and Paul WilliamsonDiscover how to manage workplace health, wellbeing and productivityExplore how to support your staff through the next phase of the recovery building on the Covid experience. Understand the importance of physical, psychological, fiscal and societal wellbeing. Learn how you can support yourself and your team with a holistic and strategic approach to wellbeing which will support your business needs.LEADERSHIPExpert Hub Hosts: Teresa Boughey, Gina Lodge, Sarah Rozenthuler and Paul Willaimson
What will 2030 look like? How will you lead and shape the future in your organisation or industry sector?Our Expert Hub Hosts will guide you through the leadership challenges for individuals and organisations facing constant change across industry sectors, the impact of the Covid pandemic, global tensions, climate and ESG accountability and global talent shortages. They will explore and help you map the huge opportunities for organisations that embed the power of good dialogue, purpose, inclusion and diversity in their culture to maximise engagement and build sustainable businesses with flourishing people.INNOVATION AND AGILITYExpert Hub Hosts: Linda Holbeche, Stuart McGlone, Darryl Walker
How do you build the agile and resilient workforce of the future? What skills do people need to be equipped with?Our Expert Hub Hosts will look at the implications of agility for the future of work, the workplace and workers. They will explore with you insights on how organisations can become a talent hub for the future of work. GLOBAL MOBILTY, FUTURE OF WORK AND WORKPLACEExpert Hub Hosts: Michelle Berners Price and John Rason
This is your opportunity to share the considerable knowledge of the global mobility sector with colleagues from different disciplines to support global growth and alleviate talent shortages. Many industry reports have shown the time is right for global mobility to have a seat at the table to deliver solutions for international and multinational organisations. Share solutions across immigration, policy, talent management, technology and hybride and virtual ways of work in the evolving workplace and shape of the workforce.
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