Think Global People Spring 2022 issue – Out Now!

Think Global People presents a new perspective on global leadership, talent mobility and education for life. In this issue, as employees return to the workplace, we share a wealth of knowledge addressing the new world of work.

Think Global People Spring 2022 issue out now
As Marianne Curphey writes, London is still a ‘superhub’ of Fintech activity. With fierce global competition for the best talent, companies are being forced to review immigration routes, remote working and how they attract talent and retain international assignees, many of whom are seeking flexible working patterns.This picture is backed up by KPMG’s latest report on remote working trends, covered by Ruth Holmes, and Santa Fe Relocation’s recent webinar on the hidden implications of cross-border and remote working. Dr Sue Shortland highlights the learnings.The mobility industry rises to the challenge of taking action on visas, a call led by ARP and backed by former MP, Lembit Öpik.Against a background of hikes in energy prices, leadership is also on the agenda. David Sapsted examines how oil and gas companies are reinventing themselves, and what this means for environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.Wellbeing continues to be at the forefront for the international community as we lurch from the Covid-19 crisis to the impact of war in Ukraine. Authorities on wellbeing, Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Dr Ian Hesketh, provide inspiration in their latest book ‘Managing Workplace Health and Wellbeing During a Crisis’, which has proved to be prophetic in advising how to support your staff in difficult times.Join us at the Future of Work Festival on 9 June and meet Ian Hesketh, Linda Holbeche and Sarah Rozenthuler and leading experts and international peers to share insights on employee engagement, wellbeing, productivity, regeneration, agility and innovation in the changing workplace.We thank all those inspirational organisations who have entered our Awards and look forward to sharing the shortlist in April. Join us to toast the winners at our live awards ceremony on 9 June!

In this issue:

Hunt for best talent in FinTech & technology: international assignment rethinkAmid hunt for the best talent in FinTech and technology, global companies are mulling over changes to the immigration route into the UK as well as wrestling with the implications of increasing demands for remote working arrangements among international staff, writes Marianne Curphey.Oil and gas: where now for ESG in the energy sector?Last year turned out to be a good one for oil and gas companies, writes David Sapsted. After several years in the doldrums, prices soared and the likes of BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron et al were able to weigh in with multi-billion dollar profits. And that, of course, was before the further surge in prices following this year’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.Working from anywhere – the hidden implications of cross-border and remote workingA recent webinar hosted by Santa Fe Relocation set out the advantages and potential disadvantages of employees working in destinations other than their contractual employment location. Dr Sue Shortland reports.International remote working here to stayKPMG International has released new insights on international remote-working practice as flexibility and hybrid working options become crucial to talent management and employee experience. Ruth Holmes reports.What is the bigger picture for wellbeing, global mobility and the future of work?As we approach the Future of Work Festival on 9 June at Relocate Global’s headquarters in Kent, Fiona Murchie outlines the opportunities ahead for resilient international organisations and their leadership teams who understand how to work effectively in global markets.The challenge and benefits of nurturing mental and financial wellbeing in global employeesStress and mental-health issues are undermining employees’ ability to perform and could be costing the UK economy more than £4 billion every year, according to a report from advisers Lane Clark & Peacock. Marianne Curphey reports.The four-day week: rewriting the HR rulebookHybrid working practices formed in the crucible of the pandemic are changing when and where we work, writes Ruth Holmes. As we emerge from the lifting of workplace Covid-19 requirements, what are employee expectations for the Great Return? How can companies respond?Partner employment access – the triple winDual careers have long been reported as a barrier to global mobility. In 2021 the Permits Foundation – a lobbying body that seeks to improve work access for international assignees’ partners – celebrated its 20th anniversary hosting an online conference representing host nations, employers, assignees and their partners. Dr Sue Shortland reports on its key messages.Raising our game on diversity, equity and inclusionHR and global mobility specialists are redoubling their efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), bringing the function closer to people strategies and the heart of global organisations. Ruth Holmes reports.A leading online school in India for globally mobile familiesFor many globally mobile professionals the world over, achieving alignment between careers and raising a family is not easy, writes Thangam Pillai of the 21K School in India. One of the biggest challenges professionals face is the disruption to their child’s education caused by relocation or projects away from home.Has Brexit put an end to European cross-border talent flows?Employing international talent is being both hampered and supported by Brexit and Covid-19 disruption. Lisa Owens and Jerry Temko, Managing Directors, In-House Counsel Practice at legal recruiters, Major, Lindsey & Africa, explore the issues.Action on VisasThe Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP) has been focussing on a significant chance to improve the UK’s status in the global mobility market. Growth comes with inward investment, and the visa system is a factor in defining Britain’s attractiveness to international employers.Former MP Lembit Öpik reports on the economic statistics, the issues relating to visas and what the Association of Relocation Professionals is doing to turn a potential problem into a plus point for the UK relocation status.Building future workplace skills, todayThe American School of Milan offers an international US-style education for children aged 3-18 from its state-of-the art campus. An IB Diploma school, it is firmly focused on building transferable skills for tomorrow’s workplace. Ruth Holmes reports.Now is the time to get ourselves back to the officeProfessor Denis Kinane describes how Covid and other testing can help responsible businesses provide reassurance to employees as the UK and countries around the world remove restrictions.Creating Happy Endings – Building on your Foreign Work ExperiencesWorking abroad can have disastrous consequences. Yet, international work should benefit both individuals and organizations after repatriation. How can you ensure a happy ending for yourself? Written by Emilija Oleškevičiūtė and Michael Dickmann, GLOMOBooks to guide your growth strategy in the new world of workFiona Murchie takes a look at some new editions and new books to bring you up to speed.

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