Innovation and Excellence – announcing the Relocate and Think Global People Awards 2023

The 2023 Relocate and Think Global People Awards take innovation and excellence as their central theme. As global leaders, managers and industry experts, HR and mobility professionals, and service providers move forward post-pandemic, so new approaches are called for to respond to developing global, regional and local approaches to managing mobile people. Dr Sue Shortland sets out this year’s Awards rationale, categories and entry criteria.

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International talent development and education

The mobility of employees to ensure excellent talent deployment across the world has once again come to the forefront of attention. The need to fill skills gaps and develop individuals for leadership in the future has never been more demanding. If organisations are to reap the rewards of successful business ventures in the years ahead, it is critical that the right people are developed and deployed in the most efficient and effective manner now.To ensure future generations of skills and talent, emphasis is also necessary on ensuring excellence and innovation within education – from schools, through to colleges and universities – so that our young people are prepared for future roles that today we can only imagine.

Leadership for ESG and green credentials

A further key area demanding both innovation and excellence is the leadership and governance of our employing organisations. Organisations today and in the future must follow ethical principles and the requirement for corporate social responsibility has never been greater.Post-pandemic, and in a period of considerable political and economic instability, organisations that demonstrate ESG excellence will become sought-after places to work by the most talented employees. And, as the climate crisis continues to mount, so those businesses that demonstrate innovative green credentials will also attract the best talent. Thus, leadership approaches that promote sound ESG principles, including carbon footprint reductions, will capitalise upon the excellence that can flow from the attraction and deployment of the best talent.

International accommodation and support services

Having people in the right place at the right time means mobility – locally, regionally, and globally – and this requires considerable planning and support. Moving individuals and their families means ensuring suitable places for them to live and support will be required as they adjust in different environments.Service sector firms that provide assistance in finding accommodation, and in supporting individuals and their families in potentially different cultural or hostile environments, while delivering quality and green solutions in so doing, are crucial to the success of any mobility endeavour. Excellence and innovation in this area of support is therefore vital for businesses’ operational success.

Policy, technology and research

In order that leadership, talent development and accommodation and support services can operate effectively and efficiently, excellence in underpinning policy, research, and technology is critical. HR professionals and global mobility specialists must devise not only appropriate policy to service both the business need and the employee experience but also ensure that policy design and delivery is innovative in order to remain competitive.Innovative solutions require understanding of past, current and future actions and, as such, both innovation and excellence are necessary within technology and data analytics in order to support policy making and implementation. And by drawing upon outstanding world-class research and ideas development, businesses will be able to develop and refine their approaches to global policy and mobility actions, improving success capability.

Gaining innovation and excellence recognition

This year’s Relocate and Think Global People Awards – now in our 16th year – therefore places innovation and excellence at the heart of the various award entry categories.Reflecting innovation and excellence in international talent development and education, we are proud to launch the following awards:
  • Excellence in talent development, deployment, diversity and inclusion
  • Excellence in education and transition care – schools/education consultancy
To recognise innovation and excellence in leadership, CSR and green credentials, we are excited to launch awards in:
  • Excellence in global leadership, engagement and employee well-being
  • Excellence in corporate social responsibility and/or carbon footprint reduction
And, to recognise international accommodation and support services and to reward innovation and excellence here, we are delighted to launch the following awards:
  • Destination services provider of the year – local/global
  • Best serviced apartment provider – local/global
Underpinning these three key awards groups, we are launching three further important awards:
  • The Excellence in global mobility or innovative global policy design/implementation award will recognise innovation and excellence in global policy and mobility;
  • To celebrate innovation and excellence in technology and analytics, we are delighted to announce the award for Excellence in technological innovation or analytics; and
  • To recognise the critical importance of research and ideas development, which helps us share knowledge and benefit from innovation and excellence across industry and education, we are proud to launch the award for the Best research contribution, thought innovation or book.

Awards entry criteria

We know that times have never been busier for HR and global mobility professionals and so we have streamlined the 2023 Awards entry criteria. In order to assess each contribution for innovation and excellence we are requiring a concise but clear entry statement to a maximum of 500 words which shows how your entry is unique, innovative and inspirational. The criteria are as follows:
  • You should say what makes your entry innovative and inspirational, and why you should win this award category.
  • The entry statement should highlight clearly and concisely the unique factors/features which differentiate your entry from others. To do so should comment briefly on how your people:
1)  Provide a unique, exceptional quality mobility experience;2)  A responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service, differentiated from others in the field; and3)  Are supported by your leadership team to deliver innovative and inspirational service in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace.
  • You must make clear the link to relocations/international assignments and avoid marketing-speak.
We particularly welcome a supporting brief video (maximum two minutes) to demonstrate the character of your organisation, in particular illustrating innovation. You may also provide a single page of supporting materials which again should demonstrate innovation aligned with this year’s theme.The judging team look forward to learning about your inspirational contributions to the demanding but exciting world of global mobility, leadership and people management.

Entries close 30 April

Awards diagram 2023For any queries please email awards@relocatemagazine.comThe Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday 8 June as part of the Innovation Festival for Global Working.  For further details and tickets visit our sister website,
For highlights of the 2022 Awards Ceremony, watch the video and see details of all our fabulous winners.

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