ASAP calls on UK Government for clarification on Coronavirus, so the hospitality industry can act

ASAP and Coronavirus: the hospitality industry stands to suffer a "devastating shock to business".

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James Foice, CEO of ASAP, the trade body for members of the serviced apartments and aparthotel industry, is calling on the UK Government to recognise the potential disaster their latest Coronavirus advice poses for the hospitality industry.The tourism sector is responsible for nearly 6 million jobs across the UK, and is Britain's fourth largest employer."With the public advised against non-essential social interaction, businesses such as pubs, bars and hotels, including our Members, are in danger of a devastating shock to business – and, sadly, closure."Mass redundancies across the industry seem inevitable. And nobody knows when, or even whether, we are likely to return to anything like normality."But until businesses themselves are forced by law to stay closed, they have to decide whether to open each day for any customers who may brave the risk of Coronavirus, with associated costs that brings, or whether to forego that potential income."If forced to close, they will at least be able explore the insurance process to cover costs."This paralysis is simply not fair; and I call on the Ministers to address the position one way or the other."We hope that the scope and effect of this virus has been overestimated, and that we can all return to a successful summer season as the crisis ebbs. But in case we're in this for the long haul, we need clarification for our Members and for the travelling public, and we need it now!"
ASAP: Association of Serviced Apartment Providers is the not-for-profit trade body dedicated exclusively to the serviced apartment industry. Our serviced apartment providers own and operate over 100,000 properties globally. Our membership also includes 12 serviced apartment agencies committed to supporting and growing the sector.ASAP also offers, the world’s first directory for the Serviced Apartment sector. The Serviced Apartment Provider and Agent companies listed have all met a minimum standard of ISAAP Compliance and Accreditation giving assurance to the consumer that the required standards of safety, security and duty of care have been met. 

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