Creating Change through Dialogue - In Person Event

ONLINE (8th - 9th November 2022) - all details will be sent in advance

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A two-day programme for leaders, coaches and change agents who want to lead powerful conversations. If you want to catalyse sustainable change by uplifting people and performance, this leading-edge programme is for you.

Creating Change through Dialogue is a skill-building programme that provides practical tools, enabling you to lead powerful conversations that create positive change - for you, your team and organisation. This programme is based on the book How to Have Meaningful Conversations by Sarah Rozenthuler (Watkins, 2019.)

Included in the programme, is a two-hour group follow-up session (three months later) to embed your learning in your day-to-day work.


Research shows that better dialogue delivers measurable benefits, including improved team performance, more satisfied customers and higher profitability. There is an art and science – to holding powerful meetings where people do their best thinking and commit to aligned action.

Participating in this programme enables you to:

  • Lead conversations that mobilise people’s energy for action
  • Intervene skillfully in teams, groups and systems so that new thinking emerges
  • Co-create change by listening to each individual and the wisdom of the whole room


The programme consists of a unique and energizing weave of experiential exercises, personal reflection, research inputs and whole group dialogue.

Instead of the typical role play approach we draw on a rich diversity of fields including applied psychology, organisational dialogue, and systemic constellations. Prior to the programme, you’ll have the opportunity to identify a current leadership challenge to explore and move forward.

What will you learn?

Participating in this programme will enable you to shift from talking nice, talking tough or not talking at all. Instead, you’ll be able to lead conversations that draw on the intelligence of people around you to improve decisions, innovation, and productivity by:

  • Creating the conditions for authentic dialogue that accesses collective intelligence
  • Showing up more powerfully as who you really are by displaying new behaviours
  • Making change happen by intervening in systems, teams and groups with new skills

What people say

“Brilliant course – maybe the best I have been on. Loved the models and exercises. Great to have some practical tools for board conversations that lead to better decisions and higher performance.”

Gareth Evans, HR Director, AB Connect

“A thought provoking and a very practical programme about how to facilitate and participate in dialogues where people are able to voice their perspectives in a safe and respectful environment so that fresh thinking and ideas emerge.”

James Comer, Audit Principal, UK National Audit Office

"This programme gave me the opportunity to investigate dialogue in depth and to practise with other professionals. The dialogic tools and skilled facilitation have helped me to embed dialogue into the way I work."

Gillian Crooks, HR Transformation Change, Engagement and Communications Lead, HMRC

"This programme offers a unique combination of academic rigour, and deep experience in dialogue and helping clients shift complex systems. Their workshop left me energised, and better equipped to facilitate positive change with my clients - individuals, teams, and organisations."

Amanda Willson, Organizational Development Consultant, Former Change Director GSK

"I am convinced these are core leadership competencies for the 21st century. The pace of transformation in our Directorate has been significantly enhanced through the application of the skills and insights from this first- class course."

Jason Nickels, IT Change Coach, UK Civil Service

"Creating Change through Dialogue has changed the way I work. I feel much more able to understand a dialogue and identify how to intervene; it has been magical. Claus and Sarah facilitated in an exceptionally skilful way and role-modelled what good dialogue looks like.”

Founder and Consultant, UK

Booking and Bursaries

Booking is essential as places are limited – you need to make payment on line to secure your place.

The fee includes the online two-day programme and all materials plus a follow-on group session three months later to help you embed your learning (date to be confirmed.)

A limited number of bursaries are available for people where financial support is needed. Please contact us directly if you would like to apply for a bursary place.

If you have any queries please contact us at .

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