ACS Hillingdon opens £10 million school science centre

BBC’s Stargazing Live’s Mark Thompson officially opened a new science centre at ACS Hillingdon International School on 14 September. The new centre includes seven new high-tech laboratories.

ACS Hillingdon opens £10 million school science centre
On 14 September, ACS Hillingdon International School welcomed students, staff, families and guests to the official opening of its £10 million science centre.

The importance of practical experiments in science education 

BBC’s Stargazing Live’s Mark Thompson opened the new centre, giving a fascinating introduction to the beauty of the Universe and highlighting the importance of the practical aspects of science education in inspiring the next generation of scientists. During the evening, guests also took part in practical experiments exploring human spaceflight run by the National Space Academy.The school’s new science centre includes seven new laboratories and features a specialist binocular microscope and reflecting telescope among its cutting-edge technology, as well as an electrophoresis unit, which students can use to investigate and visualise DNA.  Students will also benefit from the centre’s enhanced testing capabilities, such as the high quality Vernier temperature probes, allowing them to conduct advanced scientific experiments. New flexible furniture has also been used throughout the labs to facilitate student collaboration and project work.

Encouraging students to study science at university 

“It is fabulous to see the new superbly equipped science centre at ACS Hillingdon.  The school clearly understands the importance of hands on science and I am excited to see how the students will respond to this amazing new facility,” said Mr Thompson.Several of this summer’s graduating ACS students chose to study science subjects at top universities. Dr Neelu Sharma, head of Science at ACS Hillingdon, commented, “Our new science centre will ensure we provide the best possible resources for any of our students wanting to pursue an interest in the sciences at any level.” A recent survey by One Poll, commissioned by ACS to celebrate the opening of the new science centre, recently found that 54 per cent of UK parents are regularly flummoxed by the deep and meaningful scientific questions put to them by their children. 
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“We know that students, passionate about science, are a force for positive change in the world. It is important to encourage children’s curiosity and their inquiring minds from a young age, and stimulate thirst for learning – even if us parents sometimes have to resort to search engines to find answers to difficult questions,” said Martin Hall, head of School at ACS Hillingdon.“The new state-of-the-art science centre and a wide STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, maths) curriculum, will encourage broader student collaboration and discovery, enabling them to forge future science careers and giving them a clear advantage in the world of work.” 

Other developments to the school facilities

As well as the science centre, a number of other developments have been completed at ACS Hillingdon, including a dedicated High School library, a modern resources centre and an increase in classroom areas to create more shared learning spaces.  A new Middle School technology lab is set to open in December with mobile technology at the heart of its design. The tech lab will include projectors and writable walls allowing student work to be shared in real time using mobile devices.  

Meet the Head of School, teachers, parents and students and take a campus tour at the upcoming Open Day and Open Mornings:

  • Saturday 28th October 2017, All School Open Day, ages 3-18
  • Friday 17th November, Divisional Open Day, Middle School/High School, ages 10-18
  • Thursday 8th February, Divisional Open Day, Lower School/ Middle School/ High School, ages 3-18
  • Saturday 17th March, All School Open Day, ages 3-18
Register for an Open Morning here:
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