The United Lisbon Edu Hub welcomes its first collaboration partner - The Atlantic Station

The United Lisbon Edu Hub is proud to announce its first collaboration partner to come on site in May 2021 – Atlantic Hub’s Atlantic Station. The innovative Edu Hub is a first of its kind in Europe and it is pleased to welcome The Atlantic Station to its premises.

United Lisbon International School entrance
A new world-class and innovative International School is now open in the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações/Expo) area, in Lisbon. With learning spaces, collaborative learning hubs, art studios, state-of-the-art science laboratories and 6,500 sqm of fabulous outdoor spaces, United Lisbon International School is a modern international school, offering English-language academic programs up to grade 12. Seated in an emblematic industrial building which has won an architectural prize, its doors were proudly open in September 2020 for the first limited number of 150 students from Early Childhood to grade 9 and inaugurated by the Mayor of Lisbon in April 2021.

The Atlantic Station

The Atlantic Hub is a global company based in Lisbon. The Atlantic Hub has been active in Portugal for 5 years now and focuses on helping with the internationalization of Brazilian companies into Europe and beyond via Portugal. With competencies in the different areas relevant for the internationalization of Brazilian businesses, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, financial services and technology, they are able to offer their clients various services and support for startups – from SMEs to large companies. They organize various trade missions and events relevant to their purpose.Founder and CEO, Eduardo Migliorelli is delighted to announce the Atlantic Station – a new co-working space where entrepreneurs, businessmen/ women and investors can work, learn and connect. The continued promotion of trade and business between Brazil and Portugal (and therefore Europe) will have a base right at the superb location of Park of Nations (Parque das Nações) / Marvila area. Founder and CEO of Atlantic Hub and Atlantic Station says with a smile, “We are excited to be located in this innovative space and the location on the edge of Parque das Nações/ Marvila 5 minutes from the airport is excellent! Being based right next to the United Lisbon International School, foreign parents at the school have a place to base their office in a co-work right next to the school now!” 

The United Lisbon Edu Hub

Owner and founder, Chitra Stern says, “The arrival of the Atlantic Station is a fantastic kick-start to this ecosystem we are building! This office and lifelong learning campus will have more offices, an academy, As there will be 15,000sqm (165,000 sqft) of student accommodation, part of the Edu Hub will be a “hybrid campus” for older learners/ corporate learners as well as doing online courses together with some supervision and shared facilities.” 
Roman Stern, the co-owner and co-founder of the Edu Hub, says, “We have started building out the rest of the Hub, despite these tough times. There continues to be a big movement of capital, companies and families to Lisbon in these times because Portugal is a safe and secure place located at the edge of Western Europe with a great climate and we should ensure that we have everything ready to welcome these investors here”. The rest of the Education Hub used to be a pharmaceutical distribution centre which will be rehabilitated into modern spaces for work, living, Academy rooms and further classrooms for the school. The total space of the Edu Hub when finished will measure 50,000 sqm of renovation and new build – which will be an important anchor project for the City of Lisbon. 

United Lisbon International School

The first anchor project to open last year in the United Lisbon Edu Hub was the new world-class and innovative International School – the United Lisbon International School proudly opened its doors on September 14, 2020. With its international and diverse faculty and student body, and a Pre-primary – to Grade 12 international curriculum that is student-centric, children entering the school are assured of the best education to set them up for life. United Lisbon has invested in excellent premises with 6,500 sqm (71,000 sqft) of fabulous outdoor spaces created for sport and outdoor play areas. There are also learning spaces and collaborative learning hubs, art studios, state-of-the-art science laboratories, a maker space with innovative equipment such as a 3D printer, Beebots and a laser cutter. The faculty is using all this hardware to build an advanced learning community that allows students to grow and develop in our ever changing world and be lifelong learners. 
United Lisbon International School classrooom
Social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, digital skills and drama are all further strong pillars for the curriculum as well – ensuring that the children are equipped with several skills for the future. ULIS is also a candidate school for a Microsoft Showcase School. 
United Lisbon International School campus
Furthermore, the “United Lisbon Academy” offers students access to training in a range of extra-curricular skills and fields of study that represent the best of what Lisbon has to offer. With several partnerships with strong outside institutions, our children are able to develop their interests outside of the curriculum with top-notch brands such as Sporting Clube de Portugal. For enquiries about the United Lisbon Edu Hub: For enquiries about the Atlantic Station:  For enrolment at the school/ enquiries:  

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