Focus on schools in France and a French education

Tuesday 24 November at 10.00am GMT

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Join us to hear a Head of School and an Advancement & Engagement Director, from two leading International Schools in France, discuss what makes Paris such a special place to educate children and to explore the country. Learn how you can give your child the advantage of learning the French language and experience an International Baccalaureate (IB) education from early years and through to the Diploma Programme and on to higher education.

Discover how international children and their families will flourish in France. This informed panel will explore what makes living in France, French culture and experiencing an international education in France or another region so rewarding.

In addition we will talk to an education consultant and schools in other countries offering the French curriculum. Discover how easy it is to move country and continue the French curriculum in different regions around the world.


Benjamin Hunter, Ermitage International School of France

Courtney Knight, International School of Paris


Benjamin Hunter
Benjamin Hunter (MEd) is Head of School at Ermitage International School of France where he leads a dynamic team of teachers and staff across diverse academic paths for 1400 students. With a Masters in Education Leadership and Management from the University of Bath in the UK, a BA from Ithaca College in the US, and having followed both the French sous-contrat and IBDP systems, Benjamin has first hand experience of the various educational contexts available. Benjamin has been part of the Ermitage team since 2009, previously holding the titles of Deputy Head, IB Diploma Program Coordinator and IB CAS Coordinator. Benjamin is a global citizen, having coordinated Round Square Representatives across Europe, promoting internationalism, democracy and service with schools worldwide.

Courtney Knight Advancement and Engagement Director at the International School of Paris
Courtney Knight is the Advancement and Engagement Director at the International School of Paris, where she leads a team of five colleagues in the areas of enrolment management, communications, fundraising, and alumni/community engagement. She has been at the school for eight years, overseeing growth in enrolment as the school expanded from two to three campuses in Paris. She is very active in the international admissions community and is currently chairperson of the ECIS Admissions Special Interest Group. Prior to ISP, Courtney worked in the areas of financial investments and risk analysis, as well as was founding partner of a (short lived!) start-up business venture based in Paris. She has two young daughters educated in France and holds dual French/USA citizenship. Passionate about the role school culture and wellbeing play to support successful student and family transitions, Courtney has spoken on many occasions on subjects regarding international schooling in France and the multitude of pathways from an International Baccalaureate background. 


Meet the speakers

Find out more about all of the speakers and panelists who participated in the autumn 2020 Great International Education & Schools Fair.

Find the perfect school from the comfort of your home

Now is the ideal time to discover the right school for your child. As schools hosted Open Days and Virtual Events throughout the autumn, we used the opportunity throughout November to showcase the schools around the world that welcome relocating families and international students, not only at the beginning of a new academic year, but also at any time, with rolling admissions to meet the needs of families on the move.

The next Great International Education & Schools' Fair is coming in spring 2021

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