Harnessing hope to navigate global uncertainty

Friday, 27 Nov (3pm GMT)

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Closing Keynote


Chris O’Shaughnessy

Chris is a passionate and diverse comedian, speaker, and author who uses a unique blend of storytelling, humour, and provocative insight to engage and challenge a wide variety of audiences.

As the world continues to globalize, so do our challenges… as well as the resources available to us. Third Culture Kids have been studied for nearly seventy years as prototype citizens of tomorrow (well, today, actually).

Now, more than ever, we can draw inspiration from this people group who are quite literally a preview of coming attractions.

The world is, in need of hope, and the international community is perfectly placed to be a catalyst for good, for connection, and for a way to navigate uncertain times.

In this humorous, sometimes challenging and uplifting talk, he will address topics familiar to our Think Global People audience ranging from transition and repatriation to globalization and cultivating community. Chris communicates with warmth, energy and personality. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to heighten your empathy skills and be part of our ‘Future Fit’ community that can make a difference.

Chris’s book, Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between, is written specifically to empower Third Culture Kids as well as Third Culture Adults and expats to help them make the most of their cross-cultural experience. It’s been used to teach cross-cultural skills and instil global awareness in a variety of disciplines in international schools, at the college level, and in business.

Chris is a firm believer in empowering people to make the most of their experience by exploring language, framework, and story to build connection and inspire hope.

Join us and be part of something uplifting. Whether you are a manager, a leader of a multinational team, an HR professional, work, a teacher or part of a school community or an expert in global mobility this keynote will resonate with you and bring a smile.

Find out more about Chris O’Shaughnessy:

Website:  www.chris-o.com
Podcast:  www.chris-o.com/podcast
Book: www.chris-o.com/book

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